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The Moment I Wake Up: Twins-Yanks, O’s-Sox Make-Ups

It’s make-up games before I even get in half of a day’s work. Comment away.

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The Yanks are 40-12 in day-games this year. If they finish at or above that .769 win percentage in day-games they’ll set a new MLB record, albeit one no one really cares about.
Of course, the flip-side is that they are barely a 50-50 team in night games (51-48) which I find more surprising. I think all their old guys need contacts or something.
Whatever – they place their hopes for the day in the erratic hands of AJ Burnett. Should be eventful if nothing else.

Curtis went cold for about 2 weeks. It was the only slump I can recall this entire season. He started lacing the ball again in Toronto. That 12-pitch AB leading to the 2-run go-ahead HR on Saturday was awesome. It’s a big deal if he is locked back in. They guy carried this team most of the season while pretty much everyone else scuffled. And agreed on Teix krueg. His all or nothing – with “nothing” being about755 of the time – has started to grate on my nerves…

You’re overqualified krueg. A man of your obvious talents should be running this place. The last THREE hires have turne dout to be Sox fans. Clearly something went wrong in the recruitment process. Methinks you’d set us straight.

I wish my employer agreed with you regarding my talents. Sigh.
My office is all dolled up in Yankees gear. I would definitely bring some Pinstripe Pride to yours!

And there are the two runs that follow.
Darnell McDonald should not be allowed back on the field once he returns to the dugout, if only to prove a fucking point.

This team is a g*ddamned joke right now.
They likely won’t make the playoffs if they continue like this, and who would argue that the result would be utterly deserved? 2-10 starts and 2-14 finishes will get you exactly what you should get: a fall watching football while other guys play baseball.
A joke. Heads should roll, even if they are the heads of every single borderline player on the roster and a couple of bench coaches.

Jacoby catches one, showing Darnell how to play basic, little league baseball.
This is what you get when you start Darnell McDonald in a critical September baseball game. Nice work, Tito, Theo, etc.

Darnell leads off the inning with a homer. How many times does a guy who makes two awful errors leading to runs come up to lead off the next inning, as the saying goes?

So what is the rationale behind Crawford not playing, I wonder? Two games in one day too much? Hurt? Bad against righties?
(nobody answer that last one…)

Poor Weiland, stuck into this cooker. His fielding lets him down, now he throws BP. 4-1 Orioles and I have to get back to work.
Good night, 2011 Sox.

I wouldn’t want to be your puppy right now SF.
When the year started I said – several times – that the Sox were not cooked, did not have to play historically-great, etc. in order to win the division, and I meant it. It was not crocodile-tears or whatever the appropriate analogy is.
Looking at them right now I’ll say this: they look as cooked to me as any team with a lead in the playoff hunt has ever looked. The 6.00+ Sept ERA is bad enough, but the cavalcade of head-scratching fielding and base-running plays added to the slumping offense on top of all that is just stunning. I don’t blame and SF for saying anything nasty about any part of that team right now. I am not counting them out because it is both agianst my pessimistic nature and also because the schedule continues to favor their chances given all the NYY-Tampa games. but wow. They are in trouble beyond belief.

I mentioned this the other day, I am more frustrated by the injuries, particularly the one to Buchholz, than anything else. I can hardly scratch my head at why a team sending Kyle Weiland, Tim Wakefield, Andrew Miller out to the mound on a regular basis isn’t performing well or behind in games almost at “go”. It’s not a high-class team out there right now, in particular on the pitching side. And that cascades to the bullpen – Bard perhaps fatigued, Albers for sure, etc. So I am not mad that they are losing games like today’s, at least not mad like if they were fielding their mid-season squad and blowing leads and just failing on the stage. Look at the lineups: Conor Jackson started a major game this weekend, Darnell and Weiland today. Wakefield getting a regular trip to the mound. I mean, I can’t get too confused about why this is happening at the moment.
That being said, I do think Theo has a long bit of self-assessment to do regarding his free agent signing judgment, particularly on the big name guys. He seems to trade well, to know his internal talent level (when NOT to trade key chits, etc.), but it does look like he cannot navigate the free agent market as well as he does other things.

Wade not faring better…
Walk, single…bases loaded no outs.
5-4 now.
2nd and 3rd with 1 out.
These last two September’s have been pitiful. I literally want to puke. What the hell happened to playing well going into the playoffs???

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