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The Most Awful Thing That Ever Awfulled an Awful

I don't know what's worse:

Is it the fact that the song and video overall just suck worse than anyone could imagine were it not melting the eyes and ears out of/off of our skulls?

Is it the fact that the rap spends more time talking about the 2004 ALCS than about the 2004 World Series, the 2007 World Series or the upcoming season, which I think is supposed to be the point of the video?

Is it the stupid, pointless, poorly done digital enhancement of the scoreboard to give the Sox 102 wins and put the Yankees 28 games out of first?

Or is it the fact that all of the above are true, and it was done by NESN, which means it was done by the Red Sox? John Henry needs to step in and cancel this abomination.

On the other hand, watching Carl Crawford try to hold it together while the guy raps next to him is fairly entertaining. Welcome aboard, Carl. Hope you like doing crap like this for the next seven years!

(h/t Red Sox Beacon)

9 replies on “The Most Awful Thing That Ever Awfulled an Awful”

Lord that is truly truly hideous. Nice to see Peter Gammons completely embracing his Sox fandom. Really though, that video is horrible for all the reasons you state and more. Don’t knwo whether to thank you or tell you I hate you right now Paul. Wish I could have those minutes of my life back.
On top of everything else the video does a nice job of reflecting the splendid diversity of Sox nation…

What I hate most, and this is already starting to be reflected at various blogs and websites, is that this horrible monstrosity will be used to smear all Red Sox fans as the brain-dead, 2004-obsessed knuckleheads that appear in this video. Sigh. The fact that the team itself essentially released this doesn’t speak very highly for the Red Sox’ perception of what will excite the common fan.

I’d like to think that this was created during NESN’s “bring your kid to work day”, but the more I watched of this the sadder I got, realizing that someone was getting paid to put this together.
A sad day to be a Sox fan.

sheesh…i threw up in my mouth…i actually watched the whole thing…what is wrong with me?…now i need to take a shower…paul, i’ll try to refrain from using this as ammo in upcoming discussions, can’t promise though buddy ;) …i agree that it was overly preoccupied with 04 especially if the purpose was to promote the upcoming season…3 things struck me: gammons is still a tool [he always was a red sox shill, so that’s not a shocker], they actually mentioned the popcorn incident [oy], and heidi’s hotter than i realized…

really? REALLY? Is there that must insecurity in New England that they have to put together a video that both attacks the Yankees and convinces themselves that the team will be better than last year? Same flawed pitching, same fragile core, new role players swapped in.
While it made me sick it also was pretty funny to watch.

This video is the ultimate accomplishment of a New York native, a Yankee fan transplant who recently graduated from Emerson College, and who got a job right out of school working on enemy territory, at NESN. And they should get a promotion for such cunning genius, for making Bostonians (and the Sox organization) look so dumb.
This has to be the explanation for this garbage, right?

“… for making Bostonians (and the Sox organization) look so dumb….”
“making”?…i thought it was inherent, no “cunning genius” required ;)

if the guy could write some lines above a second-grade level or maybe actually rap, something like this might work. but as it stands, this is gruesome. (contrast it with this newscast, which is amazingly well done (conservatives and other right-wingers may want to stay away))
it doesn’t even have a catchy chorus, which, actually, thank god, or we’d have it stuck in our heads for weeks.

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