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The Old Ballyard

The Old Ballyard

Home for Thanksgiving, we stopped by the old little league field with the kids. I conveniently left out the fact that I never hit a home run here, and that I may have been a slow, opposite field slap hitting catcher. That is disclosed on a need-to-know basis only.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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For the where I grew up, it was Johnson Park. Not far in a straight line from my part of town, but a bit longer if on the streets and if you didn’t cut though yards. Some people didn’t mind. It got you to the ball park behind the Masonic Temple and to the hoops court (summer) hockey rink (winter) expeditiously. But the “long cut” was not a bad way to go either.

pretty picture sf…thanks for sharing…must bring back some great memories…i never played either krueg, except in my daydreams…the town i lived in was too small for an organized team and i wasn’t good enough to play on the teams in other towns…but i have some great memories of our pickup games on fields like this one…we played almost every day in the spring/summer/fall…we’d morph the rules to fit the number of players we had…i learned to hit the ball to right field [i’m a right-handed batter], because one of the rules was anything hit to left field was a foul ball… ;)

In my town you really had to choose either soccer or baseball and I started playing soccer…the youth sports programs were junk. I couldn’t even play organized hoops until middle school…
They have much better programs for kids where I grew up now thankfully.

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