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WARNING: Standard SSS-qualifiers for an April stats post apply…

Yesterday we discussed the Lords of Discipline also known as the Yankee line-up.  Today we turn to the Yankees' core four.

No, not the much-discussed four elder statesmen from the last Yankees dynasty, but the 4 starting pitchers – CC, AJ, Andy, and Phil - who have gotten off to such a hot start that they've propelled the team to five consecutive series-wins to start the season, tying the franchise record set by the 1926 Yankees despite the mediocre-to-poor performance of their fifth starter Javy Vazquez. 

Despite the reputations of two of them – CC and Andy – as relatively slow starters and despite having faced some of the most feared offenses in the AL in these first five series (Boston, Tampa Bay, LAA, Texas, and Oakland), the Yankee team pitching staff is tied with Minnesota for fewest runs allowed (48) in the league and their starting staff is second behind only Tampa Bay for fewest runs allowed (29).  (Incidentally Boston is tied with Pittsburgh for dead-last in the entire league for runs-allowed-by-starters – which I find both shocking and testament to just how much we can all expect them to rebound in the coming weeks and months given the talent of their front-three alone).

But back to the Yanks.  Below are the collective stats for CC, AJ, Andy, and Phil:

In 11 games they are 8-0 with an ERA of 2.20 and a WHIP of 1.055.  They've hurled 70.1 IP – or an average start of more than 6.1 IP/G and have a K:BB ratio well over 2:1.

Ups and downs in a season are inevitable – and right now virtually every aspect of the Yankee team is up (Javy and Teixeira aside).  I can't remember the last time a Yankee starting rotation and line-up came out of the gate so quickly, including 1998, and – without having run the numbers – I wouldn't be surprised if no earlier version of the Yankees ever has.

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At least as far as record, through 14 games, the Yankees have started 11-3 11 times.
Year RS/RA
1922 76/41
1926 104/60
1928 95/62
1943 63/40
1949 65/51
1953 60/37
1987 78/59
1988 100/65
2000 76/63
2003 92/51
2010 79/48

It’s very strange starting out this strong and being led early by our excellent pitching??? Very bizarre.
The REALLY scary thing is that in the same vein as the Sox pitching woes, how about when Tex, Sloth and ARod (to a lesser extent) actually start hitting???

One thing I neglected to highlight is that though the Yankees have an 11-3 record eleven times through 14, never have they gone 12-2. Not that it is really significant.. just curious.

AG – since I’m not inclined to look up Yankee history – what was the outcome each of those years (if it’s easily available to you)? Curious.

Year RS/RA through 14, Final Season Results
1922 76/41, 94-60 Pennant, lost World Series to NYG
1926 104/60, 91-63 Pennant, lost World Series to STL
1928 95/62, 101-53 World Series over STL
1943 63/40, 98-56 World Series over STL
1949 65/51, 97-57 World Series over BRO
1953 60/37, 99-52 World Series over BRO
1987 78/59, 89-73 4th AL East
1988 100/65, 85-76 5th AL East
2000 76/63, 87-74 World Series over NYM
2003 92/51, 101-61 Pennant, lost to Fish in World Series *ow ow ow*
2010 79/48, we’ll see

Thanks for running those #’s AG. So they made the WS in 8 out of 10 of these years (winning 5 of them) and the other 2 years (87-88) can legitimately be called busts.
I also see that this year’s RS/RA differential of 31 over the first 14 games has been bested by the 2003 (41), 1988 (35), 1928 (33), and 1926 (44) Yankee teams.
Let’s see if CC can keep them on this roll tonight.

If you look at it from RS/RA, this season is above average, but not spectacular; 14th best.
Year RS RA +/-
1939 92 42 50
1932 111 66 45
1926 104 60 44
1927 98 54 44
2003 92 51 41
1955 90 50 40
1941 94 55 39
1933 85 49 36
1922 76 41 35
1988 100 65 35
1915 76 42 34
1928 95 62 33
1960 89 57 32
2010 79 48 31

Don’t forget too who they’ve done it against so far this season. I don’t know who the competition was in those other comparable years, but I’m pleased both with how they’re playing and against whom they are playing so well…

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