The Price of History: Vol. XIII


Regular readers of this site know we like to keep a jaundiced eye on the proceedings of the memorabilia market; in addition to the typical signed balls and high-value card sets, the occassional gem from the game’s history shows up, yours for the taking. The latest Robert Edward auction has a few choice items, including the above commemorative salt print taken at an 1862 reunion of the Knickerbockers, the New York team so instrumental in developing modern baseball. The photograph was recently found in an old cottage on Eastern Long Island. Current bid: $11K. A few more pieces of interest:


Who’s On First: An original recording of the Abbott and Costello classic. $600


A menu from legendary hangout Toots Shor’s, autographed by the Babe: $1,100


1912 Red Sox team panorama photo (a nice gift for the SF in your life): $300


Signed 1927 Yankees team photograph (a nice gift for the YF in your life): $200


A 1962 signed ball from the NY Mets, worst team ever. $500. No bids.

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