The Price of History Vol. XIV


It's a tradition around these parts to periodically review the state of the baseball auction market, a task we approach with a combination of curiosity, envy, bemusement, and sheer stupefaction. (Disclosure: a couple of years ago I wrote a piece on Jefferson R. Burdick, the grandfather of all baseball card collectors, which you can find here.) What appeals most, of course, are the wonderful, museum quality artifacts we often find, like the 1915 Cracker Jack poster you see above, now up for bid on the REA website (minimum bid: $25,000). A few of the other items that caught our eye:


The item I most covet: a 1911 Turkey Red Christy Mathewson cabinet card.

Does anyone really need a Mr. Coffee signed by Joe D?


For the morbid, there's Thurman Munson's pilot license.

I really liked these old die-cuts.


Is there anything more beautiful than Victorian printing?


Who needs Ruth? I'll take Rembrandt. 

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