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Baseball Reference has been re-designed, we haven't had time to dig in but surf over for all the new features.

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well the design is a big upgrade, and bravo to the team over there on such a nice job. i do wish the postseason stats were on the primary player page, though. the leaderboard area looks like it still hasn’t been rethought properly. there’s no reason all that info should take up so much space, and having everything centered rather then left aligned really makes no sense–takes up extra room, looks awk, and doesn’t match the rest of the site. would also be nice if the yellow tracking bars could flow down into the total areas. (they could become a different color, for readability.)
i recommend hank aaron, right at the top, for player page review. very info intensive.

here we go again…
but, more importantly, am i too late for the “if manny ever returns to boston as a visiting player, will he get booed?” discussion?

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