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The Serious Stuff

Really, who wants to talk about statistics, our great second basemen, or anything about this coming season? We'd rather discuss the insanity of a certain franchise's third baseman, a guy who apparently lives in a world where sitting in the Owner's box in full public view while at the most-watched sporting event of the year in the US means you are off-limits to the cameras.

We have a word for this type of guy here in Brooklyn. Hint: it rhymes with "Masshole".

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Alex, after all these things, it is no longer hard to believe that you can be so out of touch with reality, but C’MON! Cameron Diaz… wait, no… more like, !!!CAMERON DIAZ!!! IS .. FEEDING .. YOU!!!! You should REVEL in it, man!
Instead, you lose your mind *again* and turn a potentially awesome PR situation (remember? the part where CAMERON EFFING DIAZ IS HAND-FEEDING YOU) into a train wreck.
Myyy…. GOD! Whatever the hell is wrong with you?!

Apparently A-Rod only finds publicity about his popcorn habits acceptable only if it involves feeding it to himself while standing shirtless in front of a mirror.
Which, coincidentally, is also among the favorite pastimes of new ex-congressman Christopher Lee.

If you take an objective look at this it was lose/lose for A-Rod. If he doesn’t make a stink, he’s a softie (just as Golic said on Monday morning). If he puts up a stink he’s a big fat mean bully. I really don’t care either way. Making him a likable character is a lost cause and one I couldn’t give to ish’s about. Fortunately for me I don’t really care about what his does (short of doing something illegal or kicking my dog) when he’s NOT playing 3B for the Yankees. He says/does stupid sh*t, shocker that he said/did something stupid again.

every media encounter the guy has is lose/lose, and that’s probably why he got a little frustrated…can’t say i feel too sorry for him though…he kind of brings it on himself…i’ve decided to focus instead on my cameron diaz buttery popcorn fantasy…mmmm…can’t have too much butter…

Oh no DC I most certainly do not feel sorry for him. I just choose to stop caring about what he does the minute he leaves the field. (Again, short of it being illegal and involving his foot and my dog.)

Only the biggest and most insecure narcissist would care at all what people thought about him having a piece of popcorn fed to him by Cameron Diaz. Honestly, it isn’t those of us pointing out that his reaction was idiotic who deserve criticism, it’s the ass who can’t come to terms that he is famous, was at the Super Bowl in the Owner’s box, and is dating a famously beautiful actress who does.
What Gerb said up top, x2.

“Apparently A-Rod only finds publicity about his popcorn habits acceptable only if it involves feeding it to himself while standing shirtless in front of a mirror.
Which, coincidentally, is also among the favorite pastimes of new ex-congressman Christopher Lee.”

I am not sure if you guys saw this story but I thought I’d share it.
I think it’s a great story. As a coach I’d tell you that even with 2 small children I’d give thought to helping out any of my players if the situation arose. To his credit he did more than think about it, he acted. Something I don’t know if I could ever do. Not trying to thread-jack but thought it was a cool story.

red sox fans still suffering from arod-envy…and there are no douchebags on the red sox…cough, beckett, papelbon…cough
ARod is shown on the most televised event in TV history being hand-fed by a movie star, and then he throws a hissy fit about his life not being public enough. And somehow you’re making this into a “sox fans are jealous” issue?
If Beckett was getting hand-fed by a movie star, and then turned it into a bad situation by complaining about lack of privacy, we’d be calling him stupid for ruining a good PR event too.

Swisher hired Boras. With that said it’s fair to say the Yankees will probably exercise that option for 2012 at $10M. I can only imagine the crazy # Boras would come up with if he hit the market in 2012. That makes Cano, Swisher, Tex, Sori and counting that have jumped on the Boras train.

In fairness Ath, there isn’t a red sox player (other than maybe) Youkilis that would be recognized on a SB broadcast unless they were pointed out by the announcer. Again, he’s no victim by any means, just pointing out the obvious.

Sure, that’s a cool piece of kit. But there’s always something about the beer filling from the bottom to the top that is a sad rejoinder that I’m only renting the beer, as will be evidenced and in effect mirrored when I return my loan at the lavatory. Damned depressing in my opinion.

I’m completely on the “Cashman want’s to be let go” bandwagon now. This is just crazy, and even if it’s true, why say it?
Yankees GM Brian Cashman acknowledges his ace, CC Sabathia, has shed a little of his 300-plus pound frame following off-season knee surgery. But 30 pounds? He’d swear on a stack of double bacon cheeseburgers that the widely-publicized number is a big, fat fabrication.
“I don’t believe it,” Cashman said. “I saw him (last week) at the B.A.T. dinner and he didn’t look like he lost 30 pounds to me. Maybe half that amount. We haven’t weighed him so I don’t now where that number comes from.”
The 6-7 Sabathia’s weight–currently listed as 309 — has been an issue throughout his career. As they do every off-season, the Yankees “advised” Sabathia to trim down, advice that took on added importance after Sabathia had arthroscopic surgery in October to repair a small meniscus tear in his right knee.
“He obviously has worked very hard to rehab his knee and he’s lost some weight, but he’s still around 300 pounds,” Cashman said.”Clearly, he’s a tremendous athlete and he can handle it , but it has to be managed so it doesn’t become a problem. I just think 30 pounds would have been a lot more noticeable.”
From ESPN:

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