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The Ship Be Sinkin’

The Yanks have reached their Michael Ray Richardson moment. They sure could use a little sugar.

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It pains me to say THIS, but Michael is indeed spelled “Michael” the way YF has it ;-)
Also FYI, Israel isn’t spelled “Isreal”

Wierd, when you type “Micheal Ray Richardson” into google it tells you to change it to “Michael”.
Silly people spelling their names weird!

5 Games behind the Sox on August 12th, the ship has sunk. Let’s just sit back and enjoy what the future will hold for this team. It’s very bright!

“It pains me to say THIS, but Michael is indeed spelled “Michael” the way YF has it ;-)
Also FYI, Israel isn’t spelled “Isreal””
You’d be right if his name were Michael. But his name is Micheal.

Even when you’re clearly wrong, it’s Google’s fault? Do you ever shut up? (Sorry but this guy has been getting on my nerves with his constant posts on every thread).
At least we won’t have to worry about the Yanks this year. Them being finished early is a change of pace of pace I could get used to.

Welcome Randy, nice to have a new commenter. Try and keep it more civil than that though. Thanks.

When the Red Sox clinch a playoff berth, Dustin Pedroia needs to make a sign saying: “Derek Jeter is playing golf today. This is better!”

At least we won’t have to worry about the Yanks this year.
Why do people always do this? This is the baseball equivalent of staring at the mirror and saying “Candyman” three times. Yeah, nothing will probably happen, but why take the chance?

Wow, I didn’t know me trying to start conversation with the other YFSF’ers around here upset you so much.
I was wrong, I admitted as much and apologized. I cited my reason for being wrong, in that all I did was do a quick google search. It’s my fault for not digging deeper. Why is this a big deal? JL25and3 didn’t seem too upset, though you’re obviously riled up.

Sure thing. It just seemed like someone needed to say something. The guy just needs to shut up though. He has something stupid to say on every topic.
Usually I don’t feel like I have anything worth adding. But I’m waiting for my car to get fixed. And I’m feeling good about our chances and in October! Jinx, shminx. I learned all I needed to know about those back in 04. Last year killed any remaining doubt.

If you have a problem with me I’d be more than happy to discuss it via email, and not in the threads. I’d sincerely like to see what comments you deem “stupid”, though I wonder if they’re any worse than an immature “shut up” comment.
Also, if anyone else has a problem with me “having something to say on every topic” feel free to let me know at Atheose(at)gmail(dot)com.

See that. Dude can’t even shut up from simple feedback. I gotta say I hate “think they know it alls” and he falls right in line. It’s very annoying to read the same person constantly trolling in all of the posts. I comment now only because it’s been getting much worse as obvious here and because I’m waiting for my car. Soon as it’s done I’ll probably go back to lurking and being mildly peeved.

see yf’s, our fanbase is in turmoil as well. we sf’s sometimes take time off from hating the yankees to hate on each other.
still not gonna bury the yanks yet. but i will say it’s nice to see them shutout, as it leaves the “4/5ths of our rotation” excuse crowd impotent.

Wait, you’re attacking Atheose? The one guy here who seems to be exactly what the moderators of this website ask us all to be, all the time!
He has never once (for what I can remember) lashed out at anyone, acted like a gamer troll, or even initiated the flame-throwing!
In fact, when most of us go off on the tangent, it’s usually him that chimes in to play chaperone.
What gives, man?
Did I miss something here in the past three days or so?

sox get paul byrd: either wakefield’s injury is much more serious or it’s a replacement for clay; hoping for the latter.

I’m not in turmoil at all. Under normal circumstances, I’d agree that it’s stupid to count them out, but they just don’t have the talent (or that random trash-heap pitcher playing well above his ability) bailing them out this year.
I won’t be surprised if they make a run at it, but I will be surprised if they get anywhere close.
I hope if they do make a run at it, it’s because Carl Pavano gave them four or five awesome games. ha.
Irony at its absolute finest.
On our side, I’m not worried at all. Enough home games in the last month to make me feel as if we’ll be in every game sans the occasioinal blowout.

Ugh. Well, I’d rather have him than Washburn, but I don’t think it really matters when you’re talking about guys like that. He’s clearly here to be a fill in, give a guy an extra day type of pitcher.
Or, Colon is not progressing as we thought.
Either way, it’s not going to matter.

The dude signing in from the auto shop calling Ath a troll…beautiful. Brad’s just a hater so no biggie… ;)

Ath, nobody thinks that other than our “New” Guest Randy A. SF. You keep on doing what you do!

hmmmm…now the sox have their own pettitte. it’s gonna be hard for me to root for paul. i guess paul’s excuse of “i have a pituitary gland issue.” is at least slightly more buyable than, “i forgot what i was doing for 2 days, or maybe more than 2 days, or…..where am i?”. regardless, cheatin is cheatin.

atheose, you’re alright in my book…we’ve had a couple of dust-ups with each other, but for the most part we have mutual respect…if only you were a yf, i might be even more fond of you… :)

I do a little excited sometimes in the gamethreads, but usually it’s justified (“LASER SHOW!”).
And you’re cool too dc, I think the only problem I have with you is the team you root for ;-) Nothing wrong with the heated discussion you and I get into sometimes either.

Late to the party here but lay off Ath! He is the voice of reason at least half the time around here.
FSP – you crack me up.

I’m so pissed I missed this, what was I doing yesterday that caused me to miss a good troll stomping? It couldn’t have been work, that’s for sure.

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