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The Sox’ Good Pitcher Takes the Mound: Sox-Twins Gamer III

Loving this afternoon baseball. Loving it!

Tim Wakefield takes his amazing flutterball to the hill against Francisco Liriano, who is still trying to be both healthy and effective simultaneously for the first time since that amazing first half in 2006. I probably jinxed Wakefield with this post title, so to compensate I'll invite you to comment away as Wakefield gets rocked for eight runs in 1.2 innings.

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The only thing that would make this game any better is to pinch hit Ortiz, and let Papelbon mop up. This way, all of my favorite players get into the game.
Oh, let Varitek in too – just for loyalty’s sake and all.
I really can’t remember every not liking so many players who play for the Sox.
Why Wakefield is even on this team anymore I’ll never know, but I’ve been saying that for four years now, and then he goes on a five or six game stretch that he’s unhittable, and people just fall right back in love with the guy.

League-average (or better!) pitching for 9 straight seasons for only 4 million a year? Averages 176 innings per year? I know you don’t like watching him play, but surely you can objectively agree that he’s one of the best values in baseball.

Not sure Wakefield. The trouble started in the 5th with a Texas Leaguer that barely stayed fair. The defense hasn’t really helped and they could not get anything going against Liriano anyway.
And as I’m typing Kubel robs Lowell of a base hit.

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