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SSS disclaimer, but Adrian Beltre doesn't seem to mind playing in parks besides Fenway.  Perhaps Safeco was the killer some thought? There is a seriously long way to go, but even before last night's outburst he was having a nice season at the dish. And the glove has flashed brilliance lately, too.  

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I noticed this too. But then Fenway isn’t exactly a righty-killer. I call SSS esp since his BABIP is 100 points great than his career BABIP.
As for his defense, it’s hard to conclude anything since he’s still on pace for the lowest FPCT of his career.

“…There is a seriously long way to go…”
wait a minute sf…according to paul, the season is pre-determined…we simply take the first 25% of the games and extrapolate…it’s over…why even are you still posting about what might be…not sure what i’m going to do with the rest of my summer…i bought yankee tickets for their next visit to tampa, but i might as well toss ’em in the trash…

Safeco is a righty power hitter depressant – lefties, not so much. The prevailing wind is out to right, and the fences are closer there (JR. was involved in the design I’m sure).
Ancedotal – Manny was talking to the M’s back when he was a free agent, and asked them to move the fences in. They said no. He did hit his 400th out to right center there though.
Good thing FPCT isn’t the only thing scouts, GM’s, analysts and others look at!

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