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The Symbol-Minded

"…I leave symbols to the symbol-minded"

– George Carlin

CC Sabathia threw a ball that hit Dustin Pedroia on the butt and now John Harper is all: the world has changed symbolically and crap and the Yanks have turned a page and we're now in a new chapter, much better than that previous chapter in which the Yanks won only four world series and they were pushed around by the Red Sox so much that the Bombers failed to win the whole thing for 10 years! And all the fans are like, "Yeah! CC!! Roarrrrrrr!" And there are manly chest bumps and self righteous gulps of beer at bars and in living rooms, and maybe a Nick Swisher/K-Rod double point or two to the heavens, and intense approving nods of the head, and it's so much awesomer now that CC did what he did! Oh yeaahhhhhhhh! Hulkamania is running wild! Even Josh Who Plays The Game The Right Way knows what's what and the silence in the Sox dugout is an acknowledgement of the unwritten rules. Josh hits batters left and right, loses command, yada yada, it's not intentional maybe but, come on, Josh knows that this had to happen, and so did the Sox. But that's the crazy thing. During the Torre era, none of that ever happened!, although there seemed to be far more brawls and even Zimmer was all ROAAAR!! during one game, but, well never mind, this was a change for the better. The Yanks are back and that's cause there's a new sheriff in town! 

Or what John Harper writes in his own words:

But there was a better reason for him to go ahead and drill Dustin Pedroia in the backside. Essentially, he told the Red Sox, the days of them sending Yankee hitters to the trainer's room without fear of retaliation are over.

If that engenders more good feeling in a Yankee clubhouse already oozing confidence and unity, well, perhaps it's the type of thing that will help the Bombers repeat as champions.

You got that sense after the Yankeesfinally finished pounding on the Red Sox for a second straight day, winning 14-3. For while on the surface Sabathia's plunking of Pedroia got lost in the slaughtering, as Mark Teixeirahit three home runs and Francisco Cervelli drove in five runs, it hardly went unnoticed in the clubhouse.

"It just tells you that CC's got our back," one player said. "It means a lot to the guys in here."

Retaliation as it applies to the Red Sox has been a touchy issue since the Joe Torre days, when the Yankee pitchers rarely, if ever, even knocked Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz off the plate – no matter how many times Pedro Martinez came up and in, decking or hitting Yankee batters.

To a degree, Joe Girardi has changed that philosophy with his intensity, and he had let everyone know he doesn't like when his hitters get plunked.

Sabathia wouldn't admit to a payback pitch, of course.

"It was just a fastball that got away," he said when asked about the Pedroia pitch. "I was trying to get inside and it got away."

Players on both sides knew better. There's a new sheriff in this rivalry.

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well i get it, but like i said yesterday on another thread, i’d much rather the yanks stay above it all and not retaliate…they’re on a roll that i don’t want to see interrupted by a distraction like this that might lead to something worse…don’t wake a sleeping dog…beckett was crazy wild in that 6th inning so it was difficult for me to distinguish intent from just simply not being able to throw the ball over the plate…and even if there was intent, kicking the crap out of them for 2 games is tastier than plunking one of their guys…i don’t know, just my opinion…

yeah, i read that article paul…ouch…it should come with a warning that any sox fan with high blood pressure should avoid reading it…

Good for CC. Count me among the “chest-thumpers”. It’s all been said a million times on here but I’m sick of the Sox hitting our guys. Period. CC nailed Pedroia, message sent, nothing else happened. I wouldn’t expect anything else to happen tonight. The Sox seemed to understand what the deal was so that’s that.

Just for the heck of it I just looked through all the regular season box scores back to 2003 between the two teams. I have no reason why i chose 2003.
Both teams have had guys who were a little more “loose in their control” and both teams have seemed to have a twine magnet in their hip pockets.
Yank hit Sox: 7
Sox Hit Yanks: 10
Yank Hit Sox: 14
Sox hit Yanks: 19
Yank Hit Sox: 6
Sox hit Yanks: 10
Yank Hit Sox: 5
Sox hit Yanks: 7
Yank Hit Sox: 9
Sox hit Yanks: 9
Yank Hit Sox: 9
Sox hit Yanks: 14
Yank Hit Sox: 14
Sox hit Yanks: 7
Yank Hit Sox: 3
Sox hit Yanks: 5

come on rob. don’t let facts stand in the way of yankee fan entitlement. there’s 215 million reasons the yankees should lead the league in HBP’s every year.

Also…how many of the HBP’s knocked players out of the lineup and who was hit are two other variables to consider in this.

let’s test this out…. give me $160,000,000 and watch me make grandiose asinine statements about how “i got my teammates backs”. while paying no regard to the fact that my team has hit more players in the two years i’ve been involved in the rivalry.
beckett must hate the yanks more than i do. hell, he’ll intentionally throw at dudes with the bases loaded. what a nut.

‘Also…how many of the HBP’s knocked players out of the lineup and who was hit are two other variables to consider in this.”
That is an interesting thing to analyze. I think it is also important to realize that not all of the HBP on both sides are intentional. I think most people can identify when an intentional one occurs.
Also what was interesting was the number of people who hit batters and were not with either team very long.
On a side note it was cool to go through the box scores and look at some of the past players either team had.

I think most people can identify when an intentional one occurs.
looks like even some major leaguers have trouble telling the difference….
“It just tells you that CC’s got our back,” one player said. “It means a lot to the guys in here.”
even when you’re in the wrong, cc’s got your back. which is cool, i guess.

“…there’s 215 million reasons the yankees should lead the league in HBP’s every year…”
wondered how long it would be before a sox fan started bitching about money again…congrats rod, you win…and to think you’d actually condone hbp’s is disappointing…that’s that whole jealously thing some sox fans embrace is rearing it’s ugly head again…by the way, on the subject of money, since you brought it up, i can think of 170 million reasons why the sox shouldn’t be in 4th place, playing barely .500 baseball 6.5 games out of first place…

i can think of 170 million reasons why the sox shouldn’t be in 4th place, playing barely .500 baseball 6.5 games out of first place…

“(insert comment about the Yankees being 15-16 on May 10 last year)”
yep given that team’s talent, regardless of the payroll, they were woeful under-achievers at the time…just as the sox are right now…the argument was whether or not any team deserves hbp’s…rod seems to think so, using money as the determinant…the money argument is getting old, and rod just used it out of context to take another shot at the yankees payroll…my facetious comeback was designed to show just how silly it is…the jealous pot calling the kettle black again…and money doesn’t wear the gloves, pitch, or swing the bat…

“…the argument was whether or not any team deserves hbp’s…”
it’s not my position, but clearly cc and his teammates believe certain teams deserve hbp’s.
i love how yankee fans are all chubbed up because the new sheriff is throwing at people. i must have missed the touching ceremony where farnsworth and joba presented cc with the badge.
blah, blah, payroll, blah. i get that you guy’s think 165 million = 215 million. my point is, if your house looks like this…
Alex Rodriguez, $275,000,000
Derek Jeter, $189,000,000
Mark Teixeira, $180,000,000
CC Sabathia, $161,000,000
…you might wanna stay away from starting a bean ball war.

krueg, i’m on day 10 of crying about joe saunders throwing at youk. cc may be an ass, but saunders takes the cake. at least with cc he misguidedly threw at a guy in an attempt to garner some false bravado in the clubhouse. saunders on the other hand will throw at you for simply hitting him hard.

you can always tell when a sox fan is on the losing end of the argument…they throw the payroll shit around just like we used to resort to the 1918 chant to try to shut them up…nobody said $168m = $213m rob…point is you guys are near us at the top of the spending heap…you’re not the twins or the marlins, so continuing to use that as a basis for any argument takes all the air out of any point you’re trying to make…sure, i had hoped that the yanks would show some class and not retaliate…cc says he didn’t retaliate, just like beckett says he wasn’t throwing at the yankees…for the record i already said i believed beckett…the yankees, if it was retaliation, picked a bad time to send the message to the rest of baseball that they’re tired of getting hit…but, the article by harper that started this whole discussion is speculative based on the circumstances, not facts or confessions…it just sounds a little disingenuous to hear a sox fan suggest that the yankees were/are trying to start something, with your team’s track record, especially with all those expensive players’ health at stake…sheesh…are things that bad you guys are already looking for a turning point a la arroyo/arod/tek?…

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