The Texas Offense In the New Yankee Stadium? Sheesh: Rangers-Yankees Gamer

Here you go, Yankee fans. Enjoy!

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As soon as the gamer came up, Cruz hit a 3 run jack. Looks like it would’ve been nice if ARod drove in a few..

Lar, this game is going to be a football score by the end of the night. I’m guessing 14-12, Rangers.

teixeira completely destroys the second baseman to stay out of the double play and score the go ahead run. awesome. 4-3 good guys.

Jeez, neither pitcher gets the inside of the plate. Burnett may be able to survive that, but I’m not so sure about the Texas relievers.
Should see some great Pythag correction for the Yankees here.

Okay guys, I said the Rangers would win 14-12. The Yanks have met their part of the deal; time for the Yanks bullpen to give up 11 runs.

Yankees stadium is also far-and-away the leader in homeruns, and the Rangers/Yankees are #1 and #2 in MLB in homeruns.

Of course, it helps that the Yankees are the best offensive team in the game even without the help of the stadium. I wonder how many HRs would be hit if Oakland were playing there?

I agree. They’ve played a lot of their games against the slop of the league. They’re 16-3 against Oakland, Seattle, Houston and Cleveland, 14-18 against everyone else. It’ll be interesting to see how they do against the Red Sox. The AL looks horrendous this season, with the exception of, what do you know, the four top AL East teams. Winning this division is going to be a very impressive feat for whoever can do it.

The Rangers, as usual, are half of a team: great offense, zero pitching. They may be holding onto first place right now, but their lack of pitching is going to keep them from being a serious contender. As a Rangers fan I can tell you that this is how it’s been every year since like 1993.

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