The Ultimate Wang Fan

Name of my tell-all autobiography? Well, not really.

I'm journeying home from Jakarta. And I made sure to have a stop over in the Taipei airport. I needed to spread the word about Wang. There is a Johnny Walker shop in Terminal, right by the C gates. The special thing about this Johnny Walker shop is that there are a number of Johnny Walker displays with huge blown up pictures of Chien Ming Wang. I felt it was my duty to break the bad news to the young man working the register. I said "The Yankees non-tendered Wang!"

This happened about 15 minutes ago. The guy has been silent since (he was silent before as well). No bottles are broken. I'm about to get on an 11 hour flight to San Francisco. I'm assuming Californians know about this business already. Right?

One reply on “The Ultimate Wang Fan”

He was silent because in Taipei, colloquially, “non-tender” means to “have one’s private parts covered in too much Ben-Gay”.
I think the salesperson was just creeped out by you, Nick, hence the silence.

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