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The Voice Of God

Bob Sheppard has run to the elevator to beat the crowds.
Thank you, Mr. Sheppard.

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6-1 on the West Coast swing leading into the all-star break…outstanding.
I’m looking forward to a BIG second half! Starting with the game next Friday that I will be attending! STAY AWAY RAIN!!!

I’d expect a very nice tribute to Sheppard at your game Krueg.
The Yankee starting pitching staff has been on a tear for weeks (except Burnett, who has very recently seemed to right the ship). Couldn’t have asked for more from the Yanks in the first half. For once coming out of the gate fast was nice.
I have so lost track of the number of Sox injuries and their seriousness to this is a legit question to SFs out there: When does it seem like the key pieces will be back? Is another week with the ASB going to make a huge difference or are we talking another month+?

Theo was just interviewed at the Futures game. He said that Buck, Hermida, and V-Mart are the first expected back after the break.
Since no one else is especially serious it’s looking like they’ll have the most of the team back by the end of the month. Beckett is doing rehab starts. Ellsbury will start with rehab soon. Pedroia and Varitek will likely be out into August.
Theo also said that they can’t complain about where they are at given the performances of the guys who have filled in. Indeed, those fellas should be celebrated! So why is this place empty? It’s not like the Sox are five or even ten games back of a playoff spot. They have the third best record in the league and playing in the toughest division in baseball.

I’m just glad I got to hear him announce in person. It was an expensive trip for my family, but I saw a couple games back in 2002. I got to hear Sheppard say the name Raul Mondesi. Those of you who live close enough and have to money to attend games regularly, I hope you appreciate it.

Bobby Valentine just said that “Jose Ortiz” was going to win the HR Derby. And to think he’d be the lesser evil in the Valentine/Morgan/Berman triumvirate of suck.

I hate Bobby V…he BLATANTLY hates the Yankees, so does Fat Kruk. Fuck both those losers.
(it’s fine to hate the pinstripes, but broadcasters are supposed to be objective)

Valentine now says that Hanley and Miguel Cabrera have the same swing because they came up in the same organization together, even though Hanley played zero minor league games for the Marlins.
At least Will Ferrell was hilarious.

time to do away with this annual snoozefest and get on with the business of baseball…i get that the guys need a few days off, but this stuff couldn’t be any more boring and pointless…except jennie finch in the softball game…

Jennie Finch – not a fail. At all. Easily the most attractive athlete I’ve ever seen.
On another note entirely, Boras is already starting his schtick about Prince over on MLB trade rumors.
The Brewers were immediately turned down on their 5/100M offer, and Boras says that “he’s younger, stronger, and just as good defensively as Texiera, and we have zero interest in a hometown discount”.
Boras better check himself here because he makes a living off the Red Sox and Yankees going back and forth with these players..The Yankees will not be there to drive the price beyond the value this time. Prince will settle for 120M tops this time around. Maybe he’ll get an opt out to try again in three or four years to match Tex’s opt out period, but he’s not gonna get that money right now.

brad…buddy…you segued from jennie finch to scott boras?…how could you do that to me dude?…i won’t be right for the rest of the day…
seriously though…you’re right…boras’ crap is getting tired…this is a classic example…right on that the yankees are obviously out of the market for this 1b and i’m not sure how seriously the sox would pursue him…you can make a good argument that it would allow youk to go back to 3rd, and put a serious masher in the middle of the lineup, but it’s still a lot of dough, and i bet they go after pitching first…still, they have better leverage with boras this time without the yankees in the mix…

Sorry to do this in a RIP Bob Sheppard thread, but Steinbrenner has suffered a massive heart attack, and is in critical condition in Florida.

I don’t agree, dc.
I think the Red Sox are going to sit pat with the pitching they have (despite the Lackey not living up to his baseball card yet).
I feel like they’re going to pick up that slugger because the money is there. If they pick up Fielder, I think they offer Ortiz a couple years and let Martinez and Beltre walk..or include Beltre in the deal as the throw in replacement bat for this year for that team.
The lineup would look like such:
Prince (Probably Ellsbury, Kelly, and 2more)
Werth/Crawford (FA)
I think that’s how it’s going to pan out. I’ve been wrong before though.

“…Steinbrenner has died…”
sad…2 great yankees in one week…say want you want about old george, a lot of it deserved, but he was a fan’s owner…this yankee fan is grateful for his resurrecting the team from a very woeful period during the 60’s and early 70’s…thanks george…
my mistake, i thought fielder was a free agent after this season…the scenario as you’ve laid it out is reasonable and makes sense for the sox…i hear the yankees linked with werth, and they’ve always coveted crawford, so that could be an interesting battle

I agree, dc. But, the thing is that I’m fine with either one, so however that plays out, I’m cool with it. If NY gets Crawford and Boston gets Werth, I don’t really think there is a downfall for either one.

Boston is the most logical trade parter for the Brewers right now, especially with Boras as the agent. Mets can’t afford it, the Yankees don’t need it, and the Angels can’t keep up (or wont).
I think Ellsbury, Kelley, Lars and 2 gets it done every day of the week. Yeah, it’s a lot, but it’s a lot you’re getting too.

Regarding Jennie Finch: she’s a hell of an athlete, and very hot. Though Allison Stokke is hotter.
I’ve always hoped Prince would come to Boston. I don’t see him landing anywhere else for more money in this market.

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