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Team USA staved off elimination in the WBC against Puerto Rico last night with a bottom-of-the-ninth, come-from-behind rally capped by a David Wright bases-loaded opposite-field double down the right field line. The previous batter, Kevin Youkilis, had walked with the bases juiced to bring the USA within a run. The above picture is pretty great, and it's tempting to read into it something about the relationship between the Mets (perennial little brother) and the Yanks and Sox. The game had a bit of everything: a stellar defensive play by Carlos Beltran; Jeter letting one slip by up the middle, costing a run; and perhaps most memorably of all, the last (?) meaningful at bat of one Bernie Williams, who pulled a hard grounder up the line with two men on late in the game that could have broken the game open if Youkilis was out of position. I found myself rooting for Bernie, nevermind the uniform. He didn't look much different than in days of old—the pronounced knee bend, the quick swipe through the ball—but the results are telling. Still, it was nice to see an old friend. Onward and upward. 

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that could have broken the game open if Youkilis was out of position
Phrased in such YF-ese. We’d prefer it:
“had Youkilis not been perfectly positioned”.

That photo illustrates one of the things I really like about the WBC. I find myself rooting for players I would never think of cheering during the MLB season (like Jeter), and even rooting against a favorite player (Papi’s Dominican team vs. Netherlands in their second meeting). That trio of a Red Sox, a Met and Yankee celebrating together is a nice reminder that ultimately it’s the game even more than the laundry that I love.

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