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The Yankees Finally Get Some Hits – In the Clubhouse

Last night's post-game was a good one for quotes.  First there was this from Rafael Soriano, in response to a question about Albert Pujols who, with the single he hit off Soriano in the 9th last night, is now a career 5-for-5 against him including a HR and double:

“Oh, I’ve got to talk to him, because every time…He has to let me win sometime. I’ll send a text message to him and say, ‘Hey, let me get you out one time.’ Not every day, but one time. I’ve got family, too, and we have to eat.”

With that, my estimation of Soriano's personality improved considerably.  

Even funnier, as in more odd, and certainly more troubling if you're a Yankee fan, was this from Russell Martin.  

Now Laz Diaz is not retiring tomorrow or anytime soon as far as I know.  What possible good can come of going on the record about an umpire in this way I have no idea.  Despite the fact that Martin's comments would appear to be justified if Diaz's behavior is indeed described accurately here (and of course, we have yet to hear Diaz's view), I wish – and imagine every Yankee pitcher wishes – that Martin had gone through the right channels to file a complaint with the League.

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Martin will be on the first train out of the Bronx after our season ends, sans playoffs…
Swisher too.
Good riddance.
Now, that being said…if Russell is correct in his statement, Diaz should be suspended.
But everyone hates us, umpires included, so it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

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