The dependable Peter Gammons, reaching

The dependable Peter Gammons, reaching the red zone on my hypocrisy meter with this from his latests column on the A-Rod deal: “Complicating things was Hicks’ hopeless leaking of information in Texas, which clearly disgusted Henry, who does his business where it should be done — in private.” From the man who lives on inside dope? Come on! Meanwhile an A-Rod-for-Manny scorecard: John H.: C-. Suck it up and pay already. You know you want it. Larry: D-. Claims of deal’s demise are wildly exaggerated. Credibility? Theo: B-. Looking like a puppet here, but maybe best to be sitting this fiasco out. Nomar: B. Comiskey looking grim, but he’s holding up a good front. Millar: D. “I’d rather have A-Rod” comment low blow from would-be captain. Schilling: C. Careful with those statements challenging the PA…. Manny: B. Guess what: he’s behaving. Orza: D. Fighting the good fight or a power grab? Bad job of PR either way. Hicks: D. If he hadn’t put up all that cash in the first place…. A-Rod: B+. Shows $30 million commitment to win, and then stands behind the PA even after they kill his deal. But if it falls through there’ll be some explaining to do back in that Texas dugout.

Posted by YF on 12/22/2003 03:52:55 PM