The Grassy Knoll: Sox-Times Synergies Run Amok?

Boston Sports Media Watch has a dense piece here regarding the Red Sox’ strange befellow, the New York Times.  BSMW digs into the accounting methods by which the Times denotes it’s investment in the ballclub, it’s synergies with other media-related entities, the team’s pending radio deal, and other hullaballoo with a skeptical eye. It’s worth checking out.  We’re not so sure there’s a vast conspiracy involving the Sox, the Times, WEEI, and a long-lost Murray Chass love child, but BSMW does yeoman’s work in at least exposing a by-design network of media/sportsclub conglomeration and efforts to "to build a lean, agile and disciplined organization".  Cold words, those.

It’s hard not to view this as somewhat troubling.

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