The House That Derek Built?

Crains NY reports that Big Stein’s minions have been secretly planning a new, $750 million stadium to be placed in McCombs Dam Park, across the street from the current River Avenue location. Cost to the taxpayer: a proposed $450 million bond issue. Luxury boxes? Around 50. No word on capacity, monument park, or the price of a bleacher ticket (or, for that matter, if there will be bleachers). Read the story here.

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  • And this morning, the NYT joins the fray, but with a different and rather vague take on the numbers. Here, the team is to shell out $700 million, with the city and state chipping in $100 million for parks and transportation.
    But more details emerge: the new park (Steinbrenner Stadium? The George Gorge?) would seat only 50,000 but with “improved sightlines.” Of course, the sightlines aren’t so improved if you’re one of the roughly 7,000 who’s now going to have to watch on YES. And that 50 luxury boxes is an increase of 31 over the current 19 (and a good indication of exactly who will be having their seats removed). Finally, sturdy old Yankee Stadium will be converted to a garage with—insult to injury—a soccer field as its new centerpiece.
    Read the NYT piece here.

    YF July 30, 2004, 10:14 am
  • This just makes me sick. And to put a soccer stadium right in the middle of it? Yikes. I hope to God this falls through.

    JeremyM July 30, 2004, 10:20 pm