The issue I have with

The issue I have with the rainout is just that the Yankees whined and moaned about the debacle, but were partially responsible for it and failed to see the irony in the whole situation. In fact, they lied about their involvement in it. I find it wonderful that they expended emotional energy on a situation of their own making. Once again, the Yankees arrogance shows through. Now let’s close the book on the whole rainout issue. As for Costas’ column, I read it, and am more in favor of going back to two, extremely large divisions, with one playoff team per division (per league), as per the olden days. I am also in favor of contraction, a shorter schedule, and going back to a time when baseball had everything right with regards to the meaningfulness of being champion (but everything wrong with the issues of race, free agency, the reserve clause, etc.). I fear that baseball is on the way to a lengthened playoffs, and I don’t see any way back. The question therefore becomes how best to solve this issue. Costas’ solution has one thing right: the wild card team should get almost zero out of making the playoffs, except for the fact that making the playoffs gets them a chance to win the World Series. In my (off the top of my head, and admittedly unresolved) thoughts, MLB would make the first round a best of five, with the wild card team getting one game only at home. The best record in the AL gets to play the wild card team, regardless of being in the same division, and therefore gets an advantage. The other division series is structured as a normal best of 5. Now, if baseball expands the playoffs, then I am not sure what to do. Maybe two wild cards is ok, but I still posit that the wild card teams should get nothing out of it, besides their spot in the playoffs. If that means no home games in the ensuing series to the winner of the wild card playoff, so be it. They should be climbing up a big hill, otherwise what the heck does winning the division mean? Why have them at all? Why not go to an NHL/NBA seed system? This one is a tough issue.

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