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The Jeter Meter: Stretch Drive Edition

“They can’t catch us if we win. It’s really no secret. If we play well, we’ll be fine,” says the Yankee captain, who seems to be playing quite well indeed (5-9 in yesterday’s double-dip, .429 over the last week). For the season:

BA: .283
HR: 19
R: 92
RBI: 66
2B: 37
SB: 22

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Jeter has matched his season high in doubles. Jeter’s full season averages:
BA: .314
HR: 16
R: 115
RBI: 77
2B: 30
SB: 22
In other words, Jeter will match, exceed or be very close to his typical offensive production season this year, with the exception of his average. Quite exceptional in light of his horrendous start.
No questions about my calculations above please.

Hey, Jeter’s valuable, sure. But only here, in this hagiographic Big Apple we live in, would Jeter’s numbers qualify as “pretty good”. They are reasonable, nothing special, particularly nothing special in relation to his own level of accomplishment. Only because he started so slowly do they actually look “good”. He’s on pace for far below his usual, in fact, near his career worst, in several categories: OPS, BA, BB, and runs. Only in New York…

JCL: we posted simultaneously, but I would like to point out that mathematically .283 and .314 aren’t close, nor are 92 runs and 115 runs. This year may be anomalous, for sure, no indication of a decline in skills, but they are not close to matching, not even in that whacked out place called the Bronx.

Ok, got that out of my system. Now it’s time for the “Why Orlando Cabrera could field Derek Jeter with his eyes closed” thread…

To SF: First, I pointed out BA. Second, I’m assuming he’ll score at least 10 more runs by the end of the season. The differnce between 115 and 100 is not a lot, AND Jeter has missed more games this season than others. Third, more HR, 2B, SB, and probably very close to RBI. You say this isn’t matching? And probably one of his most impressive defensive seasons.
All of this with a broken bone in his wrist for a chunk of the season.

I am mostly saying that Jeter’s numbers don’t really qualify as a very good season on any level. Now, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t prefer him on any given day over Pokey Reese or some other guys (stats aren’t everything, we all know that), but put his performance this year against many other players thought of as “lesser” or “journeyman” or “ick, stay away, I ain’t taking a chance on that piece of sh*t”, and you’d be surprised to see he stacks up (just barely) as an equal. Plus he’s making $17M, not 800K, with those numbers.
See next thread.

No shame in that, I just think we all need a little perspective some time. Though with Jeter it seems like people here need a LOT!

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