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The King of Queens

Rumors flying that Pedro is getting a guaranteed fourth year from the Mets, vs. three from the Sox, and is about to accept.

So, Pedro, all you wanted was “respect”? It wasn’t about the money? Ha! Making you the highest paid pitcher in team history (er, in baseball history, during his previous contract), guaranteeing you more than the staff ace, guaranteeing you three years in a Boston uniform with a good shot at a fourth via incentives, as well as guaranteeing you a perennial shot at the Series despite what appears to be a sliding career, wasn’t enough “respect”? It’s so tiring, keeping up with the egos of these players. If this deal is true, we can thank Pedro for a great run, for being an artist beyond compare, for being the most watchable pitcher in Sox’ history, but unfortunately we can also look him in the eye and tell him that he lied, without feeling too bad about making that accusation. Theo et. al. did everything they could, if this move is the case, but apparently Omar Minaya and the Mets ownership were better equipped to deliver a $50M ass-smacking kiss of respect.

More later, when this all plays out.

(Disclaimer: this message should not be read as either A) bitterness at the exodus of Pedro, who was a free agent and can therefore go anywhere he wants, or B) as anything illustrating serious concern about the state of the Sox’ pitching staff. Those issues will be addressed later, pending confirmation of this speculated deal).

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At the end of the day, I think it may have less to do with all those dollar signs and more to do with the fact that deep down, Pedro knows that should he remain with the Red Sox, he will for the remainder of his career be second man on the totem pole — a thought his ego just can’t abide. The Leiter-less Mets on the other hand? Pedro can once again be The Man, and the fact that the Mets are offering more just clinches it.

Personally, and this is as a Yankees fan, I can’t imagine anyone willingly leaving the Red Sox right now, just for the chance to slip on those rings in front of that crowd on Opening Day. But, I think moving to the NL certainly can’t hurt Pedro at all- I’m predicting he takes the Cy Young next year.

Pedro is making the right career move, in my opinion, in a vacuum. Cy Young, though? That’s a big-time stretch. He may not win 15 games with that Mets team, and we all know how overvalued wins are at CY voting time. More on Pedro’s move when and if he actually signs with the Mets, in a lengthy thread coming soon.

In Pro sports money is respect. All else is BS. I’m just a working slob, but offer me more money and I’ll leave my current employer in a heart beat, all else being equal of course. We as fans have loyalty to our teams. Players, they have loyalty to their pay check. Even as a fan, if you said to me you can have a Yankee WS championship or you can have a $1500 bonus, guess which one I’m taking. Money is respect in pro sports, don’t even kid yourself about it. All else is BS from the owners making excuses.

Why do you think Pedro came to the Red Sox in the first place?
No bitterness. He came, he conquered, and now he leaves for the same reasons he came. Feel lucky, fellow Sox fans: For 7 years at an AAV of $15m you got to watch some of the most brilliant pitching performances in history, a glorious run that culminated in our long-awaited World Series title. Good for Pedro. Good for us.
Honestly, I think the Mets might be doing us a favor. Pedro? Maybe not so much. His Winning% will take a hit, that’s for sure.

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