The Moose Is Loose (And Jorge’s on Fire)

While the Sox took the day off, the Yanks took the half-game out of the divisional race, pushing their lead up to one. The game came with some good news for the Bombers: Moose looked like himself, Sheff is back to banging, and Jorge has finally found his stroke. If Giambi’s back can hold up, and assuming A-Rod and Derek continue to play, the Yanks have plenty of runs in them. The most disturbing thing we’ve noticed: fans doing the wave Wednesday night, with the Unit on the hill in the 7th, in a crucial sitation. PEOPLE! Need we say it? The wave is for Shea. Watch the game!

Meanwhile, over on Bronx Banter, Cliff Corcoran has plotted out the Yankee rotation over the final two weeks. Here’s what he sees:

Fri 9/23 v Tor: Chacon vs. Lilly
Sat 9/24 v Tor: Wright
Sun 9/25 v Tor: Wang
Mon 9/26 @ Bal: Johnson
Tue 9/27 @ Bal: Mussina
Wed 9/28 @ Bal: Chacon
Thu 9/29 @ Bal: Wright
Fri 9/30 @ Bos: Wang v. Wells
Sat 10/1 @ Bos: Johnson v. Schilling
Sun 10/2 @ Bos: Mussina v. Wakefield

This looks pretty tight to us, especially the last three, which we suspect will determine, at a minimum, who takes the division. Whether the ChiSox have completely written themselves out of the playoffs by that point, well, we shall see.

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