The Price of History

What is history worth? Mastercard would have us believe some things are priceless, but they were not at Sotheby’s today for what was, according to our sources, a “mixed” day for memorabilia from our national pastime. Some high (and low) lights:

-“Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn” button: $1,400
-Six-page Christy Mathewson letter: $32.5K (the winner wore a Matsui t-shirt)
-Mel Ott NY Giants jersey: $18K
-Jackie Robinson & Pee Wee Reese photo: $16K
-Ty Cobb’s bat: $90K
-Lou Gehrig’s 1936 contract: $100K
-Babe Ruth’s pants: $95K
-A letter to his mistress: $75K
-A poster-sized photo of the Bambino: $130K (the buyer wore a BoSox cap!)
-His first home run bat at the Stadium: $1.1 million (to Mastronet’s Doug Allen, clearly a beard)
-Original home plate from Yankee Stadium: $100K/
-Ball from Don Larsen’s WS perfecto: $20K
-Mickey Mantle’s first home run ball: $165K
-1986 Mets WS trophy: 30K (We hope the winner smelts it)
-Derek Jeter’s 2001 WS home run bat (signed “Mr. November”!): $23K
-Honus Wagner T206 baseball card: $370K (No sale! Below the reserve!)

Add a 15 percent commission for Sotheby’s, along with sales taxes where applicable, to those totals.

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  • How does a World Series trophy end up at auction? Did the Doubleday family sell it? I don’t understand how something like this ends up at Sotheby’s, and for less than a tricked-up Ford Taurus to boot. How sad.

    SF December 2, 2004, 10:42 pm

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