The Race(s) Tighten

It’s reasonable to say we’ve entered the stretch run to the playoffs; amazingly, the field of contestants seems to have grown over the last few weeks. That’s not how it’s supposed to work. The way we see it, there are seven teams vying for four slots, and none are locked up. Take a peak at the standings:

ChiSox:77-47 (and fading fast?)
BoSox: 72-53 (can they survive by bat alone?)
LAAoA: 73-54 (an NL team in the AL)
NYY: 70-56 (The Enigma)
Oak: 70-56 (With their pitching and rejuvenated bats, not likely to slump for long)
Cle: 71-57 (The hottest team, but can Wickman close?)
Min: 67-60 (The Anti-BoSox: all pitch no hit)

Who’s going to survive? We’d be awfully nervous if we were BoSox fans. Only Texas and KC have pitched worse in August. And we all know that, in just about every sport, teams that simply try to outscore their opponents without playing solid defense generally wash out. The Yankees have been mid-pack pitching, and we know they can score. Cleveland however, has been pitching AND hitting. This much we know: it’s gonna be an interesting month.

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  • Hey, YF, someone just posted on the Bronx Banter the Yanks starting piching stats since August 5.
    3.52 ERA
    7.1 K/9 innings
    .714 win pct.
    2.68 K/BB
    2.7 BB/9
    1.15 HR per 9
    These are very good stats (better than mid-pack), and, of course, most of the heroes behind these numbers are Cashman’s mid-season pick-ups. Does Cashman get the Theo treatment? It would seem that he knew what he was doing when he traded 2 low level prospects for Chacon. Nah, Cash’s just mediocre as most Sox fans posters will tell you.

    Nick August 26, 2005, 10:17 am
  • Give me a break about Cashman. How many starting pitchers have the Yankees tried this year? Eventually he had to get lucky.
    The truth is the guy has a tin ear for pitching. Look at all the top talent that turned to sh~t once they arrived in Yankee Stadium… Weaver… Contreras… Brown… Loaiza… Vazquez… and now Johnson…
    Cashman is King Midas in Reverse when it comes to pitching.

    Hudson August 26, 2005, 8:08 pm
  • as a soxfan, not too nervous considering as holders of the best home record in the majors…the redsox play 26 of the next 37 at home.

    TonyC.25 August 27, 2005, 7:02 am
  • I am more with Hudson than Nick, as could be expected. But Cashman does deserve some credit for Chacon (more than anyone else), that much I will give him. A very nice move, so far.

    SF August 27, 2005, 8:50 am

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