The Sox have done extremely

The Sox have done extremely well for themselves. Suppan is an excellent pickup. IMHO, pulling Kim from the pen would be a mistake. His natural position seems to be setup. As a starter, he may work temporarily, but the history of side-arm starters is poor and we all know what a success he is as a playoff closer. Your analysis of the Boone deal seems on the money. Gabe Paul–hard to say what his effect will be. With Lieber and Contreras in the wings, Claussen was definitely expendable. That said, perhaps they would have been better off dealing Weaver, who presumably has even higher value, for a starter like Ponson and either some help in right or at third. Jeter: Is it possible that his chances are reduced because he has 2 of the top strikeout artists in the league in front of him and an inexperienced 2x-play partner at 2nd? His range isn’t great, but the proposition that he’s one of “the worst defense shortstops in the last decade” is completely insane–even coming from you.

Posted by YF on 7/31/2003 06:26:47 PM

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