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The squelching of this deal

The squelching of this deal seems destined to go down in history as prime evidence of just how out of touch the PA is with the fans, if not its own membership. Clearly, that’s the way the League, the ownership parties, and even the players involved are spinning it. And obviously the Boston mediahave a big stake in seeing this deal go through. But I’m not so sure I agree–yet. First, if the various parties are able to come to an acceptable resolution by this afternoon’s deadline, the PA will be vindicated. More to the point, we’ve heard a lot of screaming in the press (esp. the Boston press), but I have yet to read one clear examination of exactly what issues are at stake here from a legal and economic perspective. It’s easy for those involved in the deal to claim that it will have no repercussions down the line, but they are hardly the most impartial or historically balanced sources. Why hasn’t the mainstream press pulled out its labor and economic consultants to explain exactly what’s at stake here for the players–and not just A-Rod and Manny and their superstar teammates, but the journeymen players who bounce around the league and up and down from the minors. This may be a case of the PA overstepping the proper bounds of its authority–certainly it’s been a poorly managed pr disaster–but the opposite may just as well be true. I give the national media an F in their coverage of this story. As usual, when it’s time to talk about business matters in the national game, emotion creeps in and takes over the story.

Posted by YF on 12/18/2003 01:16:10 PM

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