The Wedge of (Orange and Red) Light?

This story in today’s Globe reveals the strategic planning of the Red Sox ownership, and how they are beginning to incorporate both real estate planning and property development into their portfolio of tasks.  It’s a smart move, considering the compactness of Fenway, it’s sentimental value, and the firestorm a proposed move might start.  It also makes a great deal of financial sense, though there’s no way of knowing whether the Sox are getting in the real estate game late or not.  We’ll leave that to a Boston version of the great site Curbed.  In any case, the choicest nugget in the story is the description of proposed development in the form of two condo towers over the Mass Pike, directly behind the Green Monster. This evokes, for me, memories of speeding under the Star Market at the Newtonville section of the turnpike west of downtown, and what an odd thing it was to have a building straddling the highway.  But these hypothetical towers beg a far more important architectural question: will Daniel Libeskind be employed to create a gap between these two megaliths, revealing the terrible power of the Citgo sign?

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  • To all you Sox fans I have my own private fenway. I use it everyday its in my bathroom.

    Raymond March 10, 2005, 12:41 pm

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