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The whole issue of Pedro

The whole issue of Pedro not going a full 9 is the biggest dent in the MVP argument, no doubt. I hate that guys can’t throw CGs anymore, so I buy into that. But I still don’t think you can say that a player isn’t valuable to his team because his teammates didn’t make him as valuable as he should have been. That’s illogical. (And that scenario doesn’t make A-Rod a league-wide MVP candidate, but it certainly does make him his team’s MVP). If the BBWAA want to add a “Willie Mays Award” (I am sure you will argue that it should be named after Babe Ruth, or Lou Gehrig, or Dale Berra, or Pags, or some other Yankee stiff) or something like that, than they should. As it is, I think the MVP should go to the player most valuable to their team, and to the best player in each league who currently goes “unrecognized”, well, sorry. P.S. the USOC should tell Roger Clemens to go shove it.

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