The Yankees pursuing Gordon in

The Yankees pursuing Gordon in lieu of Hawkins is pretty inexplicable. Hawkins is younger, better, more healthy, and a bit more expensive. Doesn’t make sense to me. Eric Milton is now off the market, he had been rumored to be a target of the Yankees but hindsight doesn’t make that too plausible – the guy was hurt all last year, and is set to make 9 million. I see the Yanks re-upping Pettitte (how can they not at this point?), and the Vazquez hunt should be entertaining. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Red Sox were still in the Vazquez hunt, even with the Schilling deal. Also, a big welcome to the AL East to Terry Francona – best of luck! Addressing past concerns, I too think the whole Selig lack-of-transparency thing is a total joke, I think he’s conflicted beyond belief. But I don’t think the Schilling deal is the best illustration of it, not by a longshot. The Expos are the single biggest case of sports conflict-of-interest, possibly in organized league competition history, of any type.