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There is no shortage (nothing

There is no shortage (nothing like a player speculating about felonies)… “You want to bring a bat to the mound? Let him try,” Gossage said. “Ramirez might’ve gotten one of us (pitchers), but he wouldn’t have gotten all 10. You wouldn’t have seen him the rest of the series, I promise you, because we would’ve put him in the hospital. and another doozy (I don’t think Goose realizes that Manny’s home run won the series for them): “I saw what he did (in Game 5 of the ALDS against Oakland), pointing into the dugout after he hit a home run. Someone should’ve put him right on his butt for that. That made me sick. He hardly ever hits when it counts, and he has the (guts) to do that? Give me a break.”

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