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There’s No Crying In Baseball. But There Will Be.

The “wave” at a ball game is an atrocity and anyone who participates should be barred for life, or so shall it be when I come to power. But I underestimated how foul things can become should such mindless aggression go unchecked. As relatively tame yet patently offensive as the “wave” is, that’s not awful enough for some: Florida GM Larry Beinfest said, “We were looking for a leadership change to hopefully get us on the accelerator.”
He was talking about firing Fredi Gonzalez and a couple of coaches today. Fair enough. Maybe shaking it up is a good idea. That does not explain how on any planet in any dimension in any universe it was a “sound” idea to unleash vuvuzelas upon a baseball park.
Your own players are wearing ear plugs. Nice move, asshole. Vote gerbil for commish.

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if i ever run across one of those stupid noisemakers i’ll shove it where the offender will never lose it…it’s funny, every time i hear about what obnoxious, inconsiderate slobs americans are, i see a story like this…tradition?…plastic horns?…really?

OK, guys, I’ve been lurking all season and seriously disappointed in the lack of entertaining game threads. But no matter, I have important questions to ask and you’re the people I count on to explain all things baseball to me. My son is 13 and starting to play baseball more seriously and I’m trying to keep up. The coaches and parents talk about prototypical right fielders or left fielders, second basemen or third basemen. Can anyone tell me what makes an ideal right fielder as opposed to a center or left fielder? Does one position need better speed or a better arm?

I can’t help you sg, I know little to nothing about baseball as you can tell from my highly-intelligent posts!!!
I bet IH and AG know EVERYTHING…guys???
Speaking of IH, where is the old coot???

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