There’s no question you’re right.

There’s no question you’re right. As Steinbrenner has reasserted control of this team they’ve become disorganized and reactionary. The loss of Pettitte, as we’ve both noted, is a tremendous blow: a stable presence, a consistent winner, a link to the Yankees dynasty. The truth is that he was easy to admire but difficult to love–a retiring Texas transplant never really comfortable as a public figure in New York–and so his departure is not the devastating loss to fans as, say, that of Tino Martinez. What happens now is anyone’s guess. The Yankees have many great players, and are clearly set to add a few more. Whether they can make a whole that is something greater than the sum of these parts–and greater than the sum of Boston’s parts–remains to be seen. Joe Torre will have his hands full.

Posted by YF on 12/13/2003 12:23:28 AM

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