They’re Still Sh*tty: Injuns-Sox Gamer II

It’s still a Major League quote, and it’s still applicable.  For once, pitching, offense, and defense all came together for the Red Sox yesterday.  Papi hit a homer to center, new hero Brock Holt had a 2-RBI hit…hell, even Sizemore drove someone in.  Check out Jackie Bradley Jr.’s double play for a defensive highlight.

But that all seems like a momentary reprieve in light of the season thus far, and Justin Masterson looks to hold the Sox down for the second time this season.  At least he’s opposed by Lackey, so maybe it will be close.  Hope for good things, but expectations…not high.  Go Sox.  And LOL@Miami Heat.

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  • Negative reinforcement appears to be working…

    Devine June 13, 2014, 10:13 pm

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