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Things To Be Happy About

Pineda may start throwing off the mound within a year, which is infinitely different from never.
Jesus Montero has only one home run more than Russell Martin.
The Yankees get to rest a day before heading to Detroit to face Verlander.
Phil Hughes doesn’t start again until next week.

Okay one real one:
Derek Jeter leads the league in hits and has a .642 OBP.  Six. Four. Two.

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That’s our record against the good teams so far.
Just like last year, we cannot beat good teams. No KC’s or O’s in the playoffs.
I really get the feeling this is ’08 all over again.
No pitching. No offense. Decent bullpen. Perfect recipe for disaster. Pineda may never pitch again, Hughes is finished, Garcia is pathetic…ARod is done, Cano is off, Tex doesn’t drive in runs, Gardner is hurt…
I’m just so blah about it all. And I was excited leading up to the season. Took about a month to kill my buzz.
I’m just typing now…so disgusted.

At least us YFs and SFs will go through this together.
One minute I think the Red Sox are an quicker and simpler fix, the next minute I think the Yanks are a simpler fix.
Who knows?
One prediction, however: It is far more likely that the Red Sox look notably different by the end of July than it is that the Yankees look notably different.

I don’t think Cano will remain lukewarm for long and I think Gardner will bring much needed OF defense and basepad-speed when he returns. I think it’s reasonable to assume that at least one more starter will contribute consistently beyond Nova and CC (either Kuroda becoming consistent or Pettitte returning and pitching well), and I think the Yankees will continue to have among the best bullpens in baseball.
So my concerns really boil down to two things, each of which are quite substantial: First, 3/5s of a starting rotation does not cut it in the ALEast. The Yanks lucked out with resurgent Colon and Garcia plus the emergence of Nova last year though it didn’t take them far into the post-season, and they thought they’d solved the problem with the Pineda/Kuroda signings and Pettitte’s return. But here we are right back in the middle of a rotation that seems reliable only 2/5ths of the time with hopes that it becomes 3/5ths over the coming month.
Second, the meat of our order is a problem. A-Rod is a problem. An inordinately expensive cleanup hitter who got lifetime tenure just as his skills started to significantly decline. It is so hard to look forward to YEARS of dismay regarding that contract but there are no two ways about it. His OPS has declined every years since 2007 and currently sits at .711 for 2012. It’s a freaking disaster sitting right there in the meat of the order. And he’ll be there long after Mariano and Jeter exit the scene. It makes me want to cry.

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