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This Just In: 0-2 Not as Good as 2-0

Those were not a good first two games. Hopefully the third one will be better, especially since I’ll be there in person. And hopefully Ian Kinsler will be taking the first pitch he sees right in the posterior.

I think we need to recognize that the Red Sox have not been good against the Rangers for quite some time. As I noted in the Opening Day gamer, Texas won the last two season series, and last year wasn’t close. It’s not looking too good for this year either. There’s something about the Texas heat that kills the Sox.

Anyway, this is the first 0-2 start for the Red Sox since 2005, a year they tied for first place and made the playoffs with a team that was not nearly as talented as this one. I’m unhappy, but I’m not getting aboard the panic train just yet. And no one else should either.

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Crazy thought of the day:
David Murphy has a better career OBP and SLG than Carl Crawford. They’re the same age too.
Neither stat builds in defense and stolen bases. And both are why Crawford is the better player. But I would have never thought it would be even close.

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