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This One Goes to Eleven Twelve?: Sox-Indians Gamer II

We missed last night's gamer, our apologies, but it was of no matter to our beloved Sox.  The streak rolls on, and tonight they go after a clean dozen.  It's Sox-Indians from the Jake, use this thread for all of the action.

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I’m like a broken record on this, but:
Typepad has the capability to set up an entire *season* of gamethreads in advance — and set them to post automatically, say, 3 hours before game time. (Headlines can be changed at any time to make them timely.)
Why not do this? It would be a tedious afternoon of work for a couple of mods, but (a) these are posts you have to create anyway, one by one, and (b) it would mean never missing a gamethread again.

> Why not do this?
One answer, and I can’t believe you didn’t figure this out already, is because it would be a tedious afternoon of work for a couple of mods.
Another is because boxed mac and cheese sucks.

It’s just not fun to do that, Hudson, though I understand that it CAN be done. Gamers are (mostly) fun to post, and it’s hard to explain why I don’t want to set up the entire season, other than that I don’t want to do this, it takes the spontaneity of the post away. It’s arguable, I suppose, but going into edit a pre-existing post from weeks or months back is different than writing a new post, at least conceptually. Add in the rainout issue, etc., and there’s more editing than you think. We maybe miss a few gamers each season on oddball days and nights with conflicts for all the mods, but so it goes as far as I am concerned. If other mods want to set them up then I am open to that, but I don’t really feel it is all that necessary for the life of the blog.

I’m calling it now: Ortiz is going to homer tonight. Anthony Reyes looks REALLY stupid in his picture, and that’s all the convincing I need.
Knock the ugly right off his face, Papi.

Nancy squirts one through the infield, 1-0 Sox.
I know Rob, I was saying that AFTER Ortiz popped out ;-)

Jason Bay jumps into the crowd to make the catch! Holy shit!
Haha on the replay you see an Indians fan spanking Bay on the ass a few times.

Gameday seems to indicate Penny’s getting squeezed. Can anyone actually watching confirm/deny this?
Hopefully he gets out of the inning with only one run.

There are a lot of borderline calls, but I wouldn’t say he’s getting squeezed. He’s just a bit wild.

I actually think Lugo is going to have a bounceback year, as long as he stays healthy. He’ll be batting around .300 by the end of the year.
Then again, I also predicted that Ellsbury will win the batting title. So we’ll see.

Pedroia with an IDENTICAL hit, only this time the defender gets to it in time to hold him to a single. Batting over .300 now.

Lugo watches a ground ball go past him to the left, then does a half-dive to miss a line-drive to his right. Not a lot of effort there; Green would have had them.

I thought Penny was atrocious last game, his fastball had zero movement. I don’t expect much from him, and I think 5 runs is a few short of what the Sox will eventually need to win this game.

Penny’s stuff is very good–great movement on the fastball, wicked curve, nice splitter. He just struggles a bit with his command. If he can get control of that a bit he’ll be EXTREMELY good.

Tonight it seems to be moving down and in to right-handed batters, away from lefties. So I guess it’s more like Natalie Portman. Or are they the same person? I’ve confused myself.
3-1 count with the bases loaded = sad face.

This game is shaping up to be a possible shitshow – Penny going to blow a big lead and exhaust the bullpen in the process?

Varitek: .216
Teixeira: .213
Both free agents acquired with difficulty during the off-season, and both of them battling it out for lowest batting average on the team.

Bay bloops one into center. That pitch would have hit him in the elbow had he not swung.

Lowell bloops one into center. Bay was stealing 2nd, so he makes it to third.
Bay is all-sorts of fired up now that he’s not playing in Pittsburgh. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

Oh snap, Varitek holding up fingers at 2nd to give Ellsbury the sign. Pretty overt display of that.

Ells does his job, though he really shouldn’t have, tough for the pitcher as he’s done a nice job so far, that could have been an out at home.

Hughes wriggles out of a bases loaded jam in the fourth. Get ready for over-the-top breathless commentary about the return of PH tomorrow…
Pedro drills one to right, Tek stands at third, too hard for Tek to come around.

Funny, I’m on too. Are you using a wireless connection on a laptop?
Youk flies out. Everyone is hitting well tonight, so I’m not worried right now. Hey Penny, how ’bout a 1-2-3 inning?

Penny throwing a great splitter and then breaking ball, but no bite from the Injun. He ends up grounding out to Lowell, who fires a ROCKET to first for the out. That was pretty.
Penny agrees, with an emphatic yell.

Tito should bench this fucktard right now, just embarrass the living shit out of him in the middle of the game. He deserves no less.

You know that scene in Full Metal Jacket where the other cadets beat up the fat kid with socks and bars of soap in the middle of the night? I picture Penny, Beckett and Papelbon doing that to Lugo tonight at the team hotel.
Tie fucking game. Inning should have been over too.

Great snag by Penny. Lugo is a dumb POS and points to 3rd even though there was no way he could throw out Grady, but Penny wisely throws to first instead.

No, the home run pitch, Ath. Fastball: no movement, just like I said earlier. Penny is totally useless if that is the best he can do, thrown 94 flat. Bring me John Smoltz, asap.

Penny gone, Hunter Jones coming in.
Words cannot describe my frustration with Penny. I’m just going to pretend that both starting pitchers left the game early due to midge-related incidents, and it’s a 0-0 game.

Scratch that, I’m just going to pretend that Penny shat the bed early and THEN the Red Sox scored 7 runs in epic fashion. That’s better than our pitcher crapping away a lead.

SF – It’s not a right so much as it is a calling for Lugo, I think. The thing that makes him so maddening is that he doesn’t seem to realize what a loathsome and useless creature he is. I remember watching him get interviewed after the 2007 series and basically taking credit for the whole thing. I wanted to punch him in the face then and I haven’t stopped wanting that since. And I’m not normally a violent person.
Thank god, we’re out of the inning.

Stepped away to mow the lawn, come back to this disaster. Penny appears to have thrown more meatballs than a Subway during lunch rush.
Welcome back to Lugo…the troll with an error leading to runs.
And to think…two hours after start time we have just started the 4th inning.

It’s sad that we both simultaneously thought of two Red Sox players getting “taken care of” via rifle.

Honestly, I am already preparing myself for the gushing, hyperbolic “turning point” articles about Hughes tonight. It’s gonna be nauseating.

At least it would show that he’s TRYING though. He always looks like he’s half-assing it.
Wow that was an ugly play there. Ellsbury had it, but it goes off Lugo’s glove.

Wow, Melky Cabrera with two walks in the same inning. Yanks up 6-0. SF, your prediction is going to be right.
Ouch, and Molina with the granny to top offf the inning, 10-0. Meanwhile Hunter Jones deserves a hooker.

I went to bed before seeing the ending. Just saw the replay online. I don’t know how the hell both Lugo AND Lopez both drop throws that were right at them. This game was pathetic.

Game confirms earlier suspicions: Penny was always the least-likely-to-work of the four “buy low off injury-plagued seasons” signings, IMO. Either Masterson or Smoltz needs to take his spot (depending on when Daisuke gets back and everything). He’s had two “okay” starts (at least one of which involved rockets right at fielders), and two “hideous” starts. Try Penny out in the bullpen and see if he can rear back and throw it for one inning at a time. Maybe he can replace Lopez, that suckfest who walks everyone and can’t grab a throw at first (shades of Chris Ray at the end of the Mother’s Day miracle).
Sucky way to lose a game, at least Lugo had two hits (right?); he and Penny were twin suckfests to let those four runs in during the 3rd. Win today, and it’s all still good.

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