This is an appalling article. Chass conveniently forgets that the Red Sox chose not to do the A-Rod deal. They didn’t lose out on anything. Hicks and Henry had agreed upon the terms of the deal, as had A-Rod and the Red Sox. The Players’ Union rejected it, and the Red Sox felt they could not further restructure to assume any additional financial burden than that renogotiated pact. The Red Sox declined to make the deal for financial reasons, and financial reasons only. Argue all you want about whether or not the Sox should have done it (and since neither Murray nor any of us are privy to the Red Sox’ books, or to their owners’ bank accounts, I don’t know how we can), but to represent that this was another Sox “loss” is just wrong. We have here another severe case of denial by Yankees fans (and, I guess, beat writers) that this team bids on players in an alternative universe, that they can do things no other teams can financially, open books or no open books.

I am filing this one away, and perhaps in October I will be able to head over to Murray’s apartment, wrap something up in this exact piece of newsprint, light it up, ring his doorbell, and run. I cannot wait.

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  • “They can do things no other teams can financially.” They can do things no other teams CHOOSE to do. There’s a big difference. The difference between the Yankees and the Red Sox package for A-Rod, according to Gammons at least, was $2 million per year, in his words, “chump change.” In hindsight, would it have been worth an extra $2 million to add A-Rod AND keep him from the Yankees?
    I’m not going to defend Chass. As Harvey Araton points out in today’s NYT, the Series generally comes down to hot pitching.
    Interesting that last year we were talking about the Yankees spectacular pitching and the great Red Sox hitting. Now that might be reversed.
    Should be a great season….

    YF February 16, 2004, 10:37 am
  • Right, as I said, the Sox CHOSE not to take on A-Rod’s contract. Chass makes it out like the three teams were in a room and A-Rod chose the Yankees.
    As for Gammons, wouldn’t you say that there is hardly a word out of his pen that can even be trusted anymore?

    SF February 16, 2004, 10:44 am

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