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Three Games In …

Things I like:

  • Josh Beckett (or, as I put on my Facebook page, I love him with the fiery passion of a thousand suns).
  • The fact that Jason Varitek leads the Red Sox in home runs.
  • Kevin Youkilis' monstrous .667/.692/.833 line. He keeps this up, it might be a record. 
  • Jason Bay having more extra-base hits than singles.
  • Four relievers with zero earned runs over 6.2 innings. 

Things I don't like: 

  • Jon Lester and Daisuke Matsuzaka giving up nine runs in 10.1 innings.
  • The fact that Jason Varitek leads the Red Sox in home runs. 
  • That Coco Crisp has more home runs than David Ortiz. 
  • That other than Youkilis, the rest of the Opening Day starting nine is a combined 15 for 85 (.176/.271/.365) 
  • Being 2 games behind the freaking Toronto Blue Jays. 

Thing I hate:

  • Akinori Iwamura, he of the career .279/.355/.394 line, and his .305/.400/.475 career performance against the Sox (not counting today's 1 for 4 with a walk and a double). 

Good thing there's a few dozen games left, eh? 

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I don’t care about stats, it’s crazy to cite any after two games. But what I care about is seeing things I’ve seen before and then worry that they are what we will see again, and too often. Like Lester having little control and veering between sharp and really wild, and Lowell looking cooked, and Ellsbury getting on by virtue of speed and little else, or Papi exhibiting little of anything, much like last year.
These are things that will begin to concern me if they last another week or two, not that someone is 1 for 8, and no numbers can faze me at this point.

We’ll see this week – I think it’ll be more telling. I do hope Lester can regain his form from the end of last year. His last two starts haven’t been anything to slap ACE label on for sure.
I think Lowrie will hit, he was pressing to much I think – the road trip will hopefully give him time to relax. I still don’t have confidence in Ells.
Tek has been a pleasant surprise at the plate, but I think teams are going to run on him (should be interesting to see what the Angels do).

oh, and apparetnly it’s an unwritten rule that japanese relief pitchers on the sox must give up a home run to their first batter.

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