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Throw it in Reverse: Orioles-Sox Gamer

Dice-K on the hill, looking like, well, sh*t. Comment about the hideousness here.

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Youk misses a slider by a mile, then works the count full. Payoff pitch is low, bases full of Sox. Papi strides to the dish.

AJ blows superb offensive showing vs. Price which included Granderson’s 14th HR (and only the second HR by a lefty off Price in his career. Was 5-1 Yanks after that. Now, 6-5 Rays. Blech.

4.1 for Dice, 5 hits, 7 walks. That is simply terrible.
Meanwhile, the bats cannot do squat against a real scuffler, not a good pitcher in Tillman. What a sorry evening after such a good weekend.

I’m trying to decide whether I’m more depressed by A-Rod right now or by Teixeira. I’m pretty sure it’s Teixeira actually. Not looking at the stats right now but it just seems like it has been a month since Teix hit anything other than a pop fly.
And Kyle Farnsworth is warming for Tampa…talk about adding insult to injury if he comes in to close this out.

8 LOB thru 5, the Sox just had two on and one out and Youk and Ortiz end the threat in TWO pitches.
Thank you Sox for ruining a wet, dreary Monday night.

Kyle Farnsworth in 17 games has a 1.35 ERA and only one walk?!? Lord.
And Swish obliges with a ground out on Kyle’s first pitch. Gardner up with Jorge prepping in the dugout for a pinch hit opportunity. You better give him a standing O Ath!!!!!! :)

You know you are a horrible team when Farnsworth lays you down like an prom date…
I’m starting to think this is just how it is.

Martin has t find a way on first…and it doesn’t happen. I didn’t think it could get much worse than the weekend, but giving up a 4-run lead in one awful inning pretty much does it.

Papi walks, JD now up as the 10th man to bat in the inning.
We’re in the 6th inning and the game is 3 hours old.
JD grounds out. Wonder if tito considered pinching Cameron there, even though JD is 2-3.

“Pedroia limping?”
In one of the games against the Yankee’s he seemed to tweak something when he was rounding third. Didn’t seem like anything major.

And there is a double from Vlad.
Scott pops out. Tito greedy here, let’s see what happens. I assume this is one of those “it’s a long season” bullpen nights and arms are being saved.

The Sox are swinging through 89mph fastballs with no movement.
Why have I wasted my evening with this? Do something Carl, please?

5-22 with RISP.
That is seriously hard to accomplish, but somehow our guys have done it.
You have to be both very good to have that many guys in scoring position and that terrible to fail so much.

SF, if the Sox don’t pull this one out I’ll be happy to run the FAR* stats for you even though they’ve scored more than 3. It was developed for just such games – tons of base runners, tons of wasted RISP, close-as-possible run differential. However, yoou still have the 9th to make it up vs. Baltimore’s closer…whoever that is…

Thanks, IH. I think.
Aceves does a nice job there. To the bottom of the ninth. Jason “two hits in one game – no, we are not kidding” Varitek to lead off.

You can see why Adrian was so coveted by the Sox’ front office, the way he hits it all over the park and uses the Monster. It is awesome to watch. He is certainly the most enjoyable to watch from the left side since Boggs, but totally different. Ortiz was up there, but so far Gonzo looks like even more of threat, such is the diversity of the ways he can hit the ball.

Contests…with that 24 RISP that was bordering on epic FAR* territory. And the past 2 weeks + next x days are the moment the yanks and sox stepped on the gas…in opposite directions.

As much as I love Adrian’s heroics, there was no reason for it to have happened. The Sox shouldn’t have even had to bat in the 9th.
Give them all credit, but this one should have been a blowout win for the Sox, even with Matsuzaka sucking.

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