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The news for the Yankees is good all around. The Bombers are firing
on all cylinders. Suddenly, the Yanks  have the strongest bullpen in
baseball. Phil Hughes has been lights out since he left the rotation.
What is even more remarkable is that Mariano Rivera is the best
reliever in the AL this season. Isn't he supposed to be in decline? He
has not, however, been the best player on the Yanks. That title goes to
Derek Jeter who tops the team in VORP, WAR, and Fangraph value. The
captain is putting together his best season since his MVP
2006 campaign. Indeed, one of the best things about this season has
been watching Jeter's return to greatness. I have always liked him as a
player, but for whatever reason (perhaps because I'm a contrarian) I
was never able to call him my favorite Yankee. He has become my
favorite baseball player this season. I'm getting predictable in my old

As great as the present has been, the future is also bright. Steve Lombardi at WasWatching
notes that Jesus Montero is now the #3 prospect in all of baseball
according to Baseball America's mid-season rankings. Lombardi wonders
about the role this defensively challenged catcher will have with the
Yanks in a couple of years. I am just psyched the Yanks have someone
that talented and valuable in their system. And he's a positional

On the other side, the Red Sox appear
to be on the brink of signing a Cuban prospect named Jose Iglesias for
a substantial amount of money.He's a shortstop who is a strong fielder
and has a great make-up, according to scouting reports.

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and has a great make-up, according to scouting reports.
As good as Albert Pujols’ mascara?

What’s amazing to me is they seem to have gotten through to Jeter about his positioning. His range is still terrible but at least he’s in better position batter to batter.
Amazing how quickly the bullpens can change, doesn’t it? Just goes to show that a long time will have passed before our two favorite teams meet again.
Montero has been a beast. But then last year at this time, Lars Anderson was looking like that too. I can’t see how Montero remains a catcher though. They’re running on him at will. The Yankees, next year, would be smart to just bring the kid up, let him DH the majority of the time and give him one start a week behind the plate against the non-running teams. Tony Pena will be determine very quickly whether they can make a catcher of him.

Oh Francisco Cervelli, how quickly they forget about you. Bring Cervelli back!

“Suddenly, the Yanks have the strongest bullpen in baseball.”
These words should be put in bronze and memorialized, given their improbability.
Bring back Kyle Farnsworth!

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