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Our favorite teams are tied. Forget underlying Pythagorean reality. These two teams are equal. There are different ways to look at this which will enable both fanbases to be pleased with their teams' performances so far. At the very least, they can convince themselves that their teams will improve in the second half.

A Yanks fan could start out with this fact: Chien-Ming Wang has been worse than Steve Trout and yet(!) the Yanks have kept up with the Sox. A Sox fan could counter with Matsuzaka. Dice-K has also been worse than Steve Trout and yet(!) the Sox are tied with the mighty Yanks. Oh yeah, someone on the Bronx side would retort,  well, if you told me the Yanks would be 0-9 against the Sox and still be tied at this point in the season, then I'd consider myself lucky. And another Sox fan might point out that the Sox are 9-0 against the Yanks. Then there would be silence. At this point, a Yanks fan could bring up A-Rod's early season injury. How are the Yanks tied with the Sox when for a whole month Cody Ransom played instead of Alex Rodriguez? That's a net loss of 10 games right there! The Yanks would be up 10 games right now if he played the whole season.

Ah, another Boston fan would return the serve, you forget Big Papi. Yeah, he's back now. But for two months, he was giving away games with his bat. How are the Sox tied for first after Big Papi stunk for those two months?

The Yanks have sub .500 record against really good teams and yet they're in first place!

The Red Sox have trouble against the not-so-great teams.

Joba has regressed.

Julio Lugo!

Cody Ransom!

You already said that!

And so both teams' fans would agree. New York and Boston are first place teams despite being pretty bad. They are sure to improve since they weren't living up to their potential before.

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We’re 0-8 against them so far…not 0-9. Don’t give them more credit than they deserve!!! :)
The series in the Bronx in early August looms LARGE!!!

For some reason, I thought it was 9 losses. Oh well. Exaggeration only helps the point.

I would say they’re not really bad teams. As with anything, they go in cycles. unfortunately, the sox are in one of their sucky cycles and the yanks aren’t

of course, they’re not bad teams. Actually, they’re probably 2 of the 3 best teams in the league. But we fans can find flaws with anything, especially for arguing purposes.

But we fans can find flaws with anything, especially for arguing purposes.
Like Smoltz and Penny versus Mitre and Pettitte?
Actually I am annoyed that the Yanks didn’t use the break to start transitioning Hughes back to starting. He could have been mostly there by now. Heck, I would have taken a loss or two in the last few games if it meant 10 starts from Hughes the rest of this year and as the number 3 or 4 in October.

One more note on Hughes: What happens if Joba runs into arm fatigue as he reaches his cap towards the end of the year? If Hughes was in the rotation is would be easy to switch Joba to the pen for the playoffs. Instead, the current circumstances say Aceves starts a playoff game if anything happens to one of the current starters (also looking at Pettitte and Burnett). That’s just idiocy.

The Red Sox have been zero fun to watch in the oh-so-large post-Break sample, and I think a lot of it has to do with the offense. The Sox could easily have scored six runs last night, never mind the two (!) they had thrown out on the basepaths. Penny sucked, but that was the first time in more than a month, so whatev. But Smoltz’s problems are becoming troublesome. It might be that the clamor for Buchholz is to replace the wrong pitcher.
I do like and appreciate this part of Nick’s post: And so both teams’ fans would agree. New York and Boston are first place teams despite being pretty bad. I’ve spent the last two days brooding about how crappy the Sox are, so this helped lighten my mood.

I’m not going to worry about Joba running into a dead arm, but i’m going to agree with rob that mr. hughes should be in the rotation. for that matter, i think i’m pretty definitively on this blog stating he should have been in the rotation from the get-go, and i’m going to stand by that now. phil hughes is a starter and should be starting. phil hughes as a middle reliever is working but it’s a waste.

@Paul – yes, the key last night was the two outs they ran into in whatever inning that was. Bay I can live with, but why was Hale sending the glacier from first to home?
oh well, Beckkkkkkett’s on the mound tonight!

If one discounts his first start, Smoltz is starting to show a pattern of being OK for a few innings and then falling off a cliff (warning: subjective, and possibly selective recall at work).
Should the Sox take him up on his reported offer to pitch in relief?
I’d sure feel happier with CB in the rotation and Smoltz in the pen. Masterson can then be the honest-to-God long/mopup man…..

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