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Tigers-Yanks ALCS Gamer I

Fister and Pettitte. Hits, please. Comment away.

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This has not been the typical Yankee failure with RISP. They’ve loaded the bases twice and scorched the ball both times. First time the Tigers saved themselves with a great play at short. The second time the umps saved the Tigers with a blown call at first. The way Andy is pitching combined with the ABs from the Yanks so far all bode well. But it’s still scoreless and an A for effort buys you nothing…

Excellent play by Jeter. 2 down. Up comes Prince, who Andy K’ed on 3 pitches in the first.

He singles. Tigers swinging early on Andy now as they see he is aggressively in the zone tonight. Delmon Young, who has video-game numbers off of Pettitte, comes up…

Another quick inning for Andy. He’s pitching great. Fister has been walking a tightrope so far. Time to push him off it.

Jeter limping harder then he seemed to be in the last game. Great…
And Ichiro with the harmless pop-out. After teetering in the first few innings, Fister is cutting through the Yanks quickly. Cano up with 2 outs in the 5th. Fister at 75 pitches

Jackson hits what should have been a double down the line but it ricochet’s back and he easily goes to third. Damn. That was unlucky, though of course Jackson’s got wheels. Pop-out to Swisher keeps him at 3rd, but now up comes Cabrera and the Yanks IBB him in the hopes of getting Prince to GIDP…Lord, I can live with a run scoring here. There are much worse alternatives.

Announcers share the stat that when Cabrera is walked with less than 2 outs this year, Prince is 22 for 29 (.760 BA). Unreal.

What a game of inches this has been. Swisher was very close to getting to that and would have doubled off Cabrera easily if he had. The two hot-shots with the bases loaded yielding nothing for NY. Man, this is painful.

Big out. 2 outs..bases still loaded. And another infield pop ends the inning. 2-0 Tigers as they go to the bottom of the 6th.

Bizarre error by Infante on the groundball by Teixeira. Never got it out of his glove despite having forever to gun Teix. If Cano had been running Infante would still have gotten him. Can the Yanks make them pay for it? Chopper by Raoul over! We’ve got 1st and 3rd with no outs. We cannot squander this!!!!!

K. On 3 pitches. You can’t even hit a fly ball. A ground ball to the right side. ANYTHING!?!!?! Really???

1-2. SHORTEN YOUR SWING! ALL OF YOU! Granderson, A-Rod, Swisher. All we need is CONTACT. Enough with the LONG home run swings!

Walks him. Whew. And now Granderson. I don’t even want to know what the cumulative hitting stats for A-Rod, Swisher, and Granderson are this post-season.

Right now, if you’re a pitcher and you’ve got the bases loaded, a line-up of A-Rod, Swiher, and Granderson is a Godsend. Not just because they aren’t slugging right now, but because they STRIKE OUT like it’s going out of style. They weren’t even in danger of the double-play – they had 2nd and 3rd and no outs. Three K’s??? Against a pitcher who is STRUGGLING. This has been the most woeful post-season of hitting I can recall with this team.

Pettitte still pitching well. 2 outs and Infante up.

As rough as that O’s series was on the bats, tonight’s futility with all the squandered RISP has been particularly hard to take. They’ve raised hopes by being all over the bases and then done absolutely nothing. I’m really bitter.

Lowe K’s Cabrera on three straight sinkers inside. Impressive. Indeed, EVERY pitcher for the Yankees this post-season has been impressive. It’s just the bats that have completely deserted them. Completely. You cannot with with great pitching + Derek Jeter and Raoul Ibanez. That does not a playoff team make.

So much for Lowe keeping the ball in the park. Young goes yard. 3-0 Tigers.
So we’ll have Kuroda on short rest for the first time in his career tomorrow. Then Hughes in Detroit for game 3 vs. Verlander. Yeah, this is shaping up real well for the Yankees.

Single. One out. Come on David…very dangerous Austin Jackson up. Already pounding the ball tonight.

Cano with the popout. How he went from hitting over .600 in the last 2.5 weeks of the season to batting below .100 the past 6 games is beyond me.

Teix with the broken bat pop-out. Up comes Raoul. Steal second please. At least get in position to score on a single.

No Jeter. No chance.

The 9th was fun and all, but blowing chance after chance after chance eventually catches up with you…

We win the game by now, Jeter not injured.

Game. Set. Match.

sorry about your grandmother k…it kind of puts things in perspective…i think we’ve all known for some time now that this team does not have what it takes to get it done in the post season…again…i can’t complain about ichiro or ibanez, but i don’t see anyone else on this roster with the stones to step up and have jeter’s back…that, and not being able to play himself, is undoubtedly hurting him more than the ankle…don’t get me wrong, the pitching has been great, but i’d bet the offense is setting records for post season futility…in fact, a friend told me this so it’s unsubstantiated, that last night was the first time in the post season that the yankees had the bases loaded as many as 3 times in a game and could not produce at least 1 run…

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