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Tired Baseball: Angels-Sox Gamer IV

Two teams who just finished playing baseball about nine hours ago will take the field again this afternoon. The Sox are looking to take three of four from the Angels and continue their post-2009 domination. Comment away! 

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Jesus, John Lackey with the pressure of knowing he’s going to be standing on the mound regardless of how well or poorly he pitches. God forbid he gives up a few early I can just see him pouting his way to a 12 run disaster and a crazy season ERA.
And no, I don’t really like John Lackey either.

Woah, we have afternoon games today? Score.
It’s strange, because in situations like this pitchers (even the shitty ones) tend to throw gems. I know Wakefield has done it several times a day after the bullpen gets demolished.

I’d say that the best hope today is that the Sox score somewhere around 8-11 runs, and then see what happens. That could mean a 12-11 loss, or something pitiful, but my amateurish soft brain tells me we need at least 7 runs today, maybe more.

Wow, Orsillo has been terrible – Crawford just hit a can of corn to left and Orsillo’s first intonation was that of a wall ball or better.
Isn’t Orsillo supposed to be better at recognizing things?

Lowrie GIDP. Zombies, these guys. Can’t say I don’t understand why, but it would have been nice to get a lead early.

I am no fan of calling a player “gutless”. I think it’s a thin charge: these guys all pretty much work hard and want to win, and have fought through a lot to get where they are.
But John Lackey strikes me as kind of gutless.

Two ground ball outs change the character of the inning quite a bit. I try not to freak out about the first run of the game because for the Sox to win they were going to need to score a run anyway.

Hunter walks on a 3-2 pitch that was a 18″ off the plate and bounced in the dirt. What a f*cking coward.
I am booing Lackey in the confines of my brain right now.

I thought the Lackey signing was a good idea at the time (on paper it seemed to be true), but I’ve never liked him personally. That’s increasing the more I see him pitch in a Sox uniform.

Inning finally over. 62 pitches through 3. So we’ll need at least 4.0 out of the bullpen.
Losing at home really stinks when it comes to bullpen management. At least when you’re losing on the road you don’t have to pitch the 9th.

Why do the Sox try to pull everything? Weak grounder to second after weak grounder to second.
I think I need to exit for a while, I am getting really mad at this team again.

God, ORSILLO SUCKS. Ellsbury hits a liner which is more or less at Wells and Orsillo jumps at the call like it is a gapper. What is his problem?

Bloop single for Aybar after Ellsbury misreads the ball off the bat. More trouble and pitches for Lackey, no help from his fielder but the crime was nibbling with Bourjos and giving that at-bat away.

And another hit. I hope Lackey is left out there for like 182 pitches, his arm falls off, the Sox make an insurance claim, and he never takes the mound again in a Sox uniform.
He is awful and unlikeable.

I’d say that the best hope today is that the Sox score somewhere around 8-11 runs, and then see what happens. That could mean a 12-11 loss, or something pitiful, but my amateurish soft brain tells me we need at least 7 runs today, maybe more.
I said this at 0-0, and I fear I was wrong. My brain should have told me the Sox would need at least 16 runs today.
And Tito: don’t take him out. Let him rot.

Sorry guys – I was in the wrong thread there…condolences on lackey. On our side of things, the yankees are trying to set a record for DPs in a season it seems. Bye.

I don’t even care if we win at this point, I just care more about the state of the bullpen. Keep Lackey out there for at least 120 pitches imo.
Wait, that would only take him through 4+ innings, maybe 5.
Screw the pitch count: keep this guy out there until he’s completely damaged and can no longer hurt this team.

This ump is a joke. Pitch 1 to Youk is at the bottom of the strikezone, right down the middle, called a ball. Pitch 2 is at the same height, but half a foot farther outside, and called a strike. Both were sinkers.

Double play.
Ok, I have had it. I am tuning out. Hopefully in my absence the Sox come back and John Lackey gets hit by a bus.

Yes, IH. Our game is now a comedy of errors. Ortiz singles, but is thrown out at second. Lowrie hits a triple to right field, but it’s called a ground-rule double because of fan interference. Drew walks, and then Salty GIDP.

yeah, it is schlereth’s kid…i saw him on mike and mike awhile back and he talked about it…he was a pretty big deal as a football player, so it was cool to see how proud he was of his son’s opportunity in mlb…and yes, he is one of the more likeable analysts at espn…
what’s up with lackey?…looked like he was channeling 2010 aj burnout…

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