Tit for Tat

Johan Santana:
2.85 ERA
202 IP
233 SO
Salary: $1,600,000

Pedro Martinez:
3.44 ERA
193 IP
203 SO
Salary: $17,500,000

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  • Santana’s pre-arbitration. Not a fair comparison.

    SF September 10, 2004, 3:59 pm
  • Your logic escapes me. So in other words you can’t compare Jeter to Bobby Crosby?
    Jason Schmidt
    3.19 ERA
    189 IP
    215 SO
    Salary: $7,937,000

    JCL (YF) September 10, 2004, 4:21 pm
  • No of course you can, but my post compared two players both signed at market value, not pre-free agency guys. But you didn’t know that, and since the unknown player hasn’t been identifed as of yet you still don’t. So I can’t really make that case, you are right.

    SF September 10, 2004, 4:26 pm
  • FYI: In his 5th year, his first full year as a starter in MLB (1997), Pedro made 3.6M. Just for informational purposes, no point meant.

    SF September 10, 2004, 9:37 pm

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