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Well, congratulations to the World Champion New England Patriots, a great team, with great players, and one of the greatest coaching staffs in history.  A team wrongfully maligned as automatons, as a team bereft of superstars.  Brady (a great player), Dillon (a great runner), Branch (a great receiver), Bruschi (a great linebacker), Seymour (a great defensive lineman), Harrison (a great safety), Vinatieri (a great kicker) – this is a team that has superstars but who shun the cape in the interest of teamwork. I will leave it to the deluded New York columnists who break open the comparisons to the late 90s Yankees (stupid, since those Yankees played with about 80% more cash than the rest of the league, if I read correctly) instead of lauding this Patriots crew for what they are, the champions, and incomparable, in this age of the NFL salary cap.  The playoff streak this year was without peer, the ugly Super Bowl giving those who dislike the Patriots an easy out to disparage the team in spite of their masterpieces against the Colts and Steelers, dismantling first the greatest offense in NFL history and then embarrassing the year’s best defensive squad, then taking out the undisputed best of the NFC, and in three straight pressure-packed postseason games.  The choppy game yesterday does nothing to diminish the team, in fact, it elevates them further, giving them a season-ending run against teams with a combined 41-7 record.  Amazing.

And Soxbaby Isaac sure is living a charmed existence.  First, the Red Sox run off 8 straight victories following his return home from the hospital, now the Patriots continue this bizarre streak, even as the Bruins remain undefeated!  But (shall we call him Patsbaby for the time being?) Isaac is in for some reality – those Celtics aren’t going anywhere come postseason time, so no dangers of him growing up thinking his allegiances are to an invincible town of blessed athletes.  Next up: pitchers and catchers!

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  • The need to pre-emptively defend your trifecta champs indicates just what a team of characterless drones they are. Bring back the old uni’s! Next year?

    YF February 7, 2005, 10:22 am
  • Ha, nice try. This is hardly a pre-emptive defense, and YF knows this well. The “drone” meme has been mainstream for months, and obviously YF has nothing insightful to add except more of the same old blather.
    Stick to baseball, YF, I have a(nother) parade to enjoy!
    (and I thought you were a Giants fan, YF. Or were the Shockey jersey and blue face paint you were wearing last weekend just a goof?)

    SF February 7, 2005, 11:02 am
  • YF is, indeed, a fan of the Gints. But the Jets are the ones who play the Pats.
    PS: I looked great in the paint.

    YF February 7, 2005, 1:34 pm
  • Jesus Christ! Boston fans have the biggest persecution complex in the world. The Pats were respected by practically every person who gives 2 craps about football. SF, your teams no longer suck, so you should lose the inferiority complex. Act like a winner.

    Nick February 7, 2005, 4:08 pm
  • Yikes! This Pats team is GREAT. A dynasty. One of the most interesting teams to watch (in ANY sport, for that matter) that I have ever seen – entertaining, smart, classy, disciplined, yet totally unpredictable, able to adapt and play any type of football necessary. What more can I say, Nick? Is that enough positive praise? I guess I could also add that the Yankees are a bunch of sucky chokers (sorry, too hard to resist).
    You ought to speak to YF – he’s the man who called this team out as drones (riiiight), characterless (feh!), boring (huh?), and ugly (ok, so Corey Dillon’s no Brad Pitt, but what can you do). Those last two terms were used off the YFSF record, but not off the record, FYI. To me, the Pats play a beautiful game.
    And now it’s time to get back to baseball.

    SF February 7, 2005, 4:58 pm
  • That’s more like it! Be proud of your team. Be proud of your city. Be a New Yorker!

    Nick February 7, 2005, 5:03 pm
  • I am a New Yorker, by the way. At least in residential terms, have been for 10 years.
    A Bostonian at heart, though.

    SF February 7, 2005, 5:24 pm
  • the yankees are the one sports team most deserving of the ‘drones’ moniker.
    they all look like state cops. every single one.

    Anonymous February 7, 2005, 5:52 pm
  • Okay, I’ll take the bait and repeat my claim here in public. This Pats team is the most boring “dynasty” in the recent history of pro sports. Frankly, I’m having a tough time finding any interest in the NFL, which has lately descended into a brutal, watered-down, tawdry, and over-commercialized spectacle. But these Pats in particular lack flair. Pundits, taking this line, are comparing them to the Yankees, but that’s absurd–SF and I agree!—for however corporate the Pinstripers might be, there is no denying their mystique. The Pats have no mystique. Who’s their Babe: Steve Grogran? Their thoroughly sloppy Super Bowl victory against a not-so-thrilling Eagles team, whatever its record, doesn’t put them anywhere in the vicinity of the great teams of yore (like the 85 Bears, who provided more levity in a 30 second commercial than the Pats in 3 hours of play). Bill Belichick is an absolute genius, but let’s not forget he gave an inferior Giants team a Super Bowl win in 1991. That team couldn’t hold a candle to the great 86 squad, and neither could this Pats squad, either on the field or off.
    And I’m not alone in this judgement. For another take, check out Robert Weintraub’s column on Slate, “The Lamest Dynasty in Sports.”

    YF February 7, 2005, 6:19 pm
  • PS: And the ratings for the game were 4 points lower than last year. Thats your Pats. Just not that interesting.

    YF February 7, 2005, 7:51 pm
  • SF, I’m in the reverse situation. A born and raised New Yorker (the streets of Washington Heights– one-time home of GW legend Manny) I’m living but 10 blocks from Hell (you call it Fenway). Needless to say this was a difficult fall, what with having to listen to an all-night party after the Yanks debacle. This came a year after the Boone homerun when I was residing in the Heights. That night was beautiful, a dream (did it really happen, did the locals fly out into the streets holding Yankee banners aloft, burning Red Sox hats, spraying forties on the pavement?). So, I’m a bit irritable as my previous post indicated. The only solace I can take is in the fact that Red Sox fans no longer can play the Mel Gibson role. They’re just like any other team with a few world series championships under their belt. Really, there’s nothing special about them. Kind of like Braves fans.
    The Pats are a great team although you do get the feeling that the competition is pretty watered down compared to past years. Would this team have a chance against any of those 49er teams. Not a chance against the 86 Jints, that’s for sure. And what about the Mark Rypien Skins?

    Nick February 7, 2005, 8:01 pm
  • You guys are both grasping, and hard. YF’s football criticism holds about as much credibility as my ability to analyze curling, and his last comment exposes the fact that he probably hasn’t watched a football game since that 1991 season. This is a great Patriots team, and it’s questionable to ask how they would compete against a team from 20 years ago; he knows this of course. But hey, while we’re at it, how would they do against those 1957 Browns? And even if you wanted to play that game, it’s fair to say that their three championships prove that they can beat any team of any stripe (the 2001 Rams, the 2003 Colts, the 2004 Colts, the 2004 Steelers), and any of those teams you try to stack them up against would have had a major handful. Try to tear them down all you want, but they aren’t going anywhere, and when they make a run for the title next year we can rehash this discussion and you can try to belittle their accomplishment as dull or “not the Giants of 19 years who were led by a quarterback that nobody ever thought was great, with a coach who was regarded as the best of his era, with a team made up of a balanced offense and a smart, athletic defense”. Wow, the irony.
    Except that team won it just once.

    SF February 7, 2005, 9:28 pm
  • Wow, YF sounds bitter. Maybe it’s the pain of seeing two NY teams choke horribly in the postseason within months of each other.
    And there’s that Mystique BS again. I thought we had killed that already.

    Sam February 8, 2005, 5:13 pm

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