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To Catch A Thief: WalkerFree-Runner Texas Rangers-Sox Gamer II

Matt Harrison faces the Sox while Josh Beckett takes the mound against Texas.  Comment away.

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Just to seal off the essential uselessness of UZR over small samples – as a team, Boston is a “plus”, near the top actually, and the Yankees are near the bottom.
Sorry, but UZR is an extremely silly statistic, and hopefully it will soon be replaced by something that’s actually useful.

I should also say that UZR’s formula has been “updated”, and as it turns out, Jason Bay was actually a plus in the field last year, and Ellsbury was actually a -10 instead of a -18.
So any past valuations on these players, such as WAR, have been pretty much invalidated.
Hooray for relying on extremely suspect statistics for definitive valuation! I’m looking at you, WAR.

Anyone else using My feed keeps going out. I’m getting the “Game is temporarily unavailable” error on my PC, though my iPhone is streaming it through just fine.

“Yeah, it’s the catcher.”
Nice strawman. The bit you’re missing is the Sox pitching has a lot room to improve. The Sox catching doesn’t.
Speaking of UZR, those adjustments also show that Varitek somehow lost 2.2 wins since 2003. Gotta love highly variable numbers. Who would be so silly to build a team around them?
Hey, look at that. JD Drew is alive!

Any chance they actually release Ortiz? Lowell is clearly the better hitter at this point. It’s not even close. The sad part is they could have wrung platoon duty from him if they had treated him that way over the last two years.

115 pitches in April. Now instead of a nice comeback and a possible/probable win
Beckett is stretched out, somewhat unnecessarily, and is saddled with a shit sandwich.

Ah, two Fenway-created walkoffs in a row. Congrats SFs. That’s 6 straight losses for Texas, whose record was 5-4 before touring the AL East. Poor Ron Washington.

i think he meant you can only have a walkoff at home sf… ;) …or, maybe not…
and yes since you brought it up, it is the catching…catching is your long term weak spot, since as i pointed out on a previous thread, you should expect your pitching, hitting, and defense to come around to the norm for them…but right now, your catching duo is doing the best you’ll see them do, defensively that is…allowing that many stolen bases will take some games out of the win column over time…it was fortunate to say the least to come away with a w in that 9 steal game…it helps to be at home, and it helps that the rangers are a very pathetic team right now…but heck i’d celebrate too…a win’s a win, and april can be cruel…

I’ve seen no highlights and only boxscores, but seems like these past two games have been a blast for you SFs. One of the best treats in baseball is to see up-and-coming homegrown talent actually come through in huge spots and spark the veterans. I felt like Melky did some of that a few years back, Cervelli played that role in the end-June Atlanta series last year, and Gardner has been doing it since he came up and certainly this year. And then there is the very much hated (by other teams) Shelley Duncan and Joba Chamberlain infusions of energy in years past. Congratulations.
On the catcher-talk, with the perfect storm of underperformance you’ve had to put up with in virtually all aspects of the game so far in this young season, I would agree that it probably is nowhere near the biggest issue right now.
At the same time, as dc notes, it may be more long-term troubling given that I think we’d all expect all those other things (starting pitching, bullpen, defense, and bats) to pick up markedly. They simply are too good a team in each of these areas to play so poorly. Not sure the same can be said of their catchers’ skills in managing the opponent’s running game.
Given that the two teams they’ll be battling for a post-season spot have very legit running games (almsot can’t believe I can say this about the Yankees but it’s actually true!), it would seem a relatively serious issue for them. But regardless, two walk-offs in a row is fun stuff and perhaps signals that the bats and pen are waking up.

“There’s nothing up and coming about McDowell (sic)…”
I bet there was two nights ago, if he was willing and out on the high-on-victory town…

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