Today’s Lineup

Kuroda pitched a great game yesterday, but the Yankees couldn’t muster any sort of threat. Girardi must be looking to inject some juice into the order – strike that – inappropriate metaphor. Anyway, this ought to work. Could it be worse?

1 Cano
2 Girardi
3 Charles Ramsey
4 Cano
5 Wellsnerbay, the mutant three headed beast
6 Dinger, Rockies mascot just picked up off waivers
7 Bag of rocks
8 Anyone not named Francisco
9 David Ken Phelps

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  • Just hold on boys…couple more weeks until the cavalry arrives.

    Losing two series in a row would not be good with the way the O’s and Sox are playing.

    Must win tonight?

    krueg May 8, 2013, 1:25 pm

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