Tokyo Notes Pt. 2 (Now that’s more like it)

Up for the last few innings of this one. Thoughts:

-K. Brown: 1 win, 7 innings, 6 hits, 5 ks, 75 pitches.
-Nice to see Donnie Baseball back in the dugout.
-Why were the fellas in pinstripes if the D-Rays were today’s “home” team?


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  • In regard to the question about the Yankees in pinstripes, I believe I heard Harold Reynolds say something to the effect of: “The pinstripes are the most recognized sports uniform in the world, so the Yankees actually petitioned MLB to allow them to wear their home jerseys overseas.”
    Classless jerks. Go Sox.

    Phischel April 1, 2004, 12:17 am
  • The fellas were in pinstripes because they have an overwhelming (but undeserved) sense of entitlement. Given that, it follows that they think they can wear what they want when they want. Cheesebrains.
    Go Sox.

    Melissa April 1, 2004, 7:28 am
  • I actually imagine the pinstripes may not be as recognizable as Brazil’s national football team jersey, or any major European football team’s kit, though those change yearly based on sponsorship. How were the games set up? It seems that one game should have been a Rays home game, the other a Yanks. In any case, if the Yankees go .500 wearing the pinstripes in general, I am all for their wardrobe demands…
    Go Sox!

    SF April 1, 2004, 9:23 am
  • I believe the Yanks were the “home” team in game 1. They were definitely the “visitors,” but in pinstripes, in game 2. As for the most famous pro uniform in the world, Man U. seems a reasonable guess, but don’t they put a big advert right in the center of their jerseys? Now that’s crass!
    Truth be told—and I know this may come across as sacrilege—but I’ve always thought the Yankees road grays were nicer, from a design standpoint, than the pinstripes.
    And here’s another sartorial note (make of it what you will): with the departure of Soriano and Nick Johnson, the two Yankees who customarily wore their pants “olde-style,”—that is, with lots of blue sock showing—are gone. The starters on the 2004 team, have pretty much uniformly embraced the newer, full-pantleg style.

    YF April 1, 2004, 2:58 pm
  • I too like the road grays better. But truth be told that’s like me saying “I like brussels sprouts more than I like haggis”. I hate both.
    in re: Man U., the problem with European soccer kits is that they change adverts almost every couple of years. Arsenal had Sega’s “Dreamcast” logo for a couple of years (before Playstation 2 mauled Sega’s video gaming efforts), now they sport “o2” on their shirts. It’s hard to keep up. That’s why I’d argue that Brazil’s splendiferous yellow jerseys are the most familiar. What international sports fan who sees those jerseys doesn’t know it’s Brasil? On the other hand, I think there are plenty of people around who wouldn’t be able to ID the Yankees…

    SF April 1, 2004, 4:19 pm

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